Totem Arro

Tested at £1200

The Arro is an accomplished design, and will work well in most systems – but the competition is mighty stiff


Yup, many speakers go louder for party & PA use but these are HiFi speakers. They will fill an average livingroom with high quality sound, if not with the bottom octave. However, the bass surprises a lot of people all the same. Very few speakers image like the Arros.

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Tally-ho, yippety-dip, zing-zang spillip. More flexible than a triple-jointed gymnast. Well, a little over the top, I concede.

If your amp is punchy enough, the Leema is, there's little else that'll usurp these bantam speakers.

I love'em.

with 86dB and 80W there should be a comment that you'd need to be in a cupboard to get a decent volume from them.  That sounds a bit feeble to me.


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