Apple iPod Touch

Tested at £250


great nothing matches the qualty of the ipod 

Just got an itouch to control my Linn ds. Not sure why people think this thing sounds that good, my sony NWZ-X1060 sounds a lot better with shure 530s. The itouch gets five stars and the sony NWZ-X1050 (16gb version of the NWZ-X1060) only gets four stars? As a gadget the itouch might deserve five stars but as a music player I don't think so, this is whathifi not whatgadget. My old cowon a2 got two stars here and that sounded better than a 30gb ipod that got five stars for sound, I listened to both with shure E4s.

A fantastic product, however the battery life is simply awful. It's as frustrating as having an excellent sports car on a sand dune= kind of pointless. I also have the iPod touch 3rd generation and the battery life is far superior. If apple hadn’t been so obsessed with thinness maybe they could have given it a decent battery. 


This bit of kit is the most over rated £300 I have ever spent!

The good. -

It looks neat.

The touch interface IS good and IS inuitive.

My daughter can play Angry Birds.

WiFi is actually more handy than I thought it would be. (see battery life below)

*Hypothetically one day I'll be able to use the bluetooth to control my devices at home via an add on bluetooth IR blaster.

*I could also add a plug in IR blaster to turn it into a learning IR remote.

(* These are things I actually bought it for.....IR, WiFi and BlueTooth control of home devices and pro video devices in the field. - Review to be edited when this has been further explored.9


The NOT so good. -

Does it sound £200 better than my first gen shuffle? Actually... No.

(and I am listening to Apple lossless and .wav files through a pair of Audio Technica ES55's before you fanboys bite my head off!)

Reviewer above points out that if I ADD another £5.99 I can make it play FLAC!!! Thanks Mr Jobs!! Like I didn't pay enough for this expensive portable audio player already?

I circumvented the iTunes tie in with my shuffle, I will pretty soon do this to the iPod Touch too because not being able to simply grab a tune and drag/drop it on is a pain. Sure, its nice to have the sleeve art displayed in nice colour and all... but I am not LOOKING at the art the whole time I listen to music....because if I did the battery would be dead in half a day....

..which brings me to...

Battery life.

for music only, pretty ok so far. But keep looking at it or tinkering with the interweb and its all over all too quick. Sad

Its a fragile pocket liability. So thin that it is a back pocket No No, in fact its pretty much a breast pocket only device. Not dropped it yet, but I wouldn't rate its chances on a drop waist height (or a table top) onto a hard floor. - so make that a button up breat pocket!

I did not buy this for the camera BUT...The PROPER camera is shockingly poor. (for a £300 device with a camera) The "face time" camera is just utter, utter rubbish! So poor in fact to be pointless.(Less than 1mp main camera in 2011? California must be in a time warp or a third world country...seriously.) - and the image processing is horrific. do not try to take photo's of projected images or LED walls. Its just not capable. As a video engineer I do this regularly with the deivces I have to hand to assist fault finding. Even my SE 850i (from like 2003?) was capable of it.

Also, single handed operation of the camera will one day result in that fall to the floor. Its too thin and the wrong sort of shape to hold with one hand, and try to take a shot with your thumb. (at least my headphones will act as a safety.)





this is the best mp3 player out there, light, slim, sexy, intuitive, lot of features, great interface (8 into 1) and the touch function is a joy... such a joy that i was so addicted o it and went to buy the ipad and the iphone! all kits should be like the iDivices and im a windows xp gamer so im not apple die hard fan boy for saying this as advertising - just a fact about this ipod magical player... but getting there if apple continues this streak! (imac touch?)

I finally succumbed to Apple after using Sony and Cowon players due in the main to compatibility of iPod across a whole range of docks. I wish I hadn't waited so long. The sound is as good as anything out there in MP3 land. The screen is gorgeous,the interface wonderful and the apps are incredible. There is even app called FLAC Player which costs £5.99 from the Apple Store and it allows you to store and play Flac files on the iPod and it works brilliantly !!


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