Apple iPod nano (7th gen)

Tested at £130

An attractive and easy-to-use player that’s a definite improvement over the previous model


NEW IPOD NANO 7TH GEN PURE rubbish!!!  Not compatible with Windows 7 because Apple hasnt make device driver, screen went blank after 1 minute never to light up again, hours of troubleshooting for no result, many horror stories online about returning to Apple store multiple times only to go with ipod shuffle - LAME!  NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!

I am so unhappy with this Ipod!! First of all I don't like that they changed the size of the charger! I can't use the same charger to charge my Ipad and I can't charge my Ipod in my car because THEY CHANGED IT!! I also hate that they didn't add a clip to it. I can't stand arm bands, it gets in the way, I don't like how my arm can't breath when the band is on, and it always gets loose which causes me to have to stop running to fix it and I hate when my workouts are interupted! 

I also don't like that they made this one bigger.

I hope they make one very similar to the 6th generation next time!!


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