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Product of the Year, 2013. A fresh new OS, techy tricks and the best smartphone sound quality means the iPhone isn’t done impressing us just yet


Strange that no-one seems to be writing about one new feature of iOS7 which works already on iPhone5.

If I remember correctly, iOS6 would not allow you even to copy hirez files to your iPhone, because of the cap on the bitrate. Now you can transfer them no prob. What's more, iPhone5 employes two different clocks depending on the sample rate. It will not play anything above 48kHz, but it does downsample higher rates by the factor of 2. That is, 96kHz files will be played at 48kHz, while 88.2kHz ones at 44.1.

Looks like Apple is prepping itself for the hirez switch.

Let's start with, I AM an Apple fanboy!

In regards to screen quality differences:

I have a frined that is a system-agnostic gadget boy. Thusly, I have had the opportunity to compare, side-by-side, the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, and the Note 2 and iPad Mini. Inspite of Samsung being a display tech leader (?), my comparisons between the similiar devices, revelaed to my, not mater that the difference in pixel density, Apple's sceens are consistently of higher color fidelity and saturation, and, as such, result in images that appear sharper. I would suggest readers, if they want, to research and compare pixel size, etc.

The 5s gives an average performance boost of around 30% over the 5. It is not twice as fast except in a couple of specific examples eg 64bit calculations, or certain (irrelevant) rendering tests.

Whoever did this review has just lifted sentences from Apples PR release, and not tested the performance themselves.

Whilst this is a nice boost over the previous generation you shouldnt print such wildy false statements.

There are other reviews out there which do do the real world results e.g. sunspider etc and the ones i have seen the results are pretty much either a 50% increase or 3 times faster, take a quick look on engadget



I wouldn't mind as i'm not even going to be buying the darn phone i just know you are a Apple hater and just cannot appreciate tech produced by Apple because now Samsung, Sony, HTC and Nokia are all going to have to produce a phone just as good or better than the iPhone 5s.

The tech over the next 5 years is going to be awesome regardless who makes it 

Looks like you have been reading to much on the net again Fubar as thats been mentioned already and it seems others are now just repeating the same thing.

I have iOS 7 on my iPad mini and have to say there are a few icons i just do not like e.g the settings, notes, reminders, safari and news stand i just do not like they do look a little simple and a bit of a backwood step in design.

The solid bar along the bottom is another dislike and i'm having problems deleting individual tv episodes as it only allows me to delete the hole series which is not good.

Apart from from that it is an improvement over iOS 6 

But all you followers who like to just copy each other by saying the same old thing will hopefully prompt Apple in changing a few designs along the line with there updates of iOS 7

Shame I can't agree with the reviewer about the appearance of the new icons and colour-schemes in iOS 7. IMO they look like something from a FisherPrice toy.


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