Apple iPhone 4S

Tested at £499

It's getting on, but the iPhone 4S still delivers a complete package that's hard to beat


Anyone find it incredibly annoying / dangerous that when you plug in headphones, turn down the volume and then hit play you get your ears blasted off because it's reverted to the last volume level !


The iphone4s is the same disaster as the last one built by a cheap company for apple which then inflates the price to buy space in stores so apple can dominate. Sold mine already as I will not put itunes on our PCs as it is a resorce hog and if you uninstall it the amount of things that don't work after that is unberlieivable , dont reconise cd/dvd drive and so on. Do not trust Apple. The i in iphone means (incomplete) we will try to make it better next time

Sorry but that's yet another biased and incomplete review of an Apple product.  There was no mention of the antenna problem in the 4 review and no mention of the battery issues with the 4S in this one?  Do you actually bother to review them at all?

Siri is a gimmick and barely works unless you have a BBC accent. It can't be used reliably for text entry.  The iCloud service is unreliable (it's down a lot).  

I can't see what the 4S has moved on.  I'm mostly happy with mine but the battery life and other issues mentioned above do take the shine off it.  Any mobile device that can't last 24hrs with minimal usage doesn't deserve top marks in my opinion.

Oh and to reply to the above post re. Apple TV.  It originally got a better score and was the winner in a group test of media streamers only for the result to be reversed later on and the Boxee took the crown.

Yes, we did test the iPhone 4 for reception/antenna issues and didn't experience any, as we said in the review: "We found no issues with call quality (despite ‘antennagate' rumbling on)."


Apple are as completely annoying as Faceache are 

They are both trying to take over the world that's for sure

Everytime they come out with a new phone it's no different virtually from the last one a couple of mths ago.  They are constantly changing and soon it'll be Iphone 25 !!!  They just see us as mugs/punters and are saying to us that our last iphone is now out of date and we need the latest gimmick.  They are already going on about Iphone 5.  I wouldn't buy an apple product if they were selling them for 100.  HTC beat them not long ago on their last phone.  Count me out cos i ain't no mug and am not out of date either

Perhaps it's because he hasn't got an Iphone 4S and he secretly wants one!

5 stars- the review is spot on 

iPhone 4s is an excellent product, I agree. But what is WHF's opinion on its battery life?

- advertised as 'up to 200 hrs' standby

- actual about 30-40

5-star? Good? Normal? On the low side? Unacceptable?

I think they shouldn't even bother reviewing Apple products. 5 stars are guaranteed anyway.

5 stars for a phone with 800Mhz cpu,3.5 screen, only 512MB ram and a £500 price tag !!


Another example of what I pay 0 attention to reviews in this mag.


So if you pay 0 attention to the reviews, why do you read the mag? Is it the adverts? We all know this Apple is a lemon and the 5 will be out soon, but it sells. That is all that matters in corporate America. 



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