Apple iPad Mini

Tested at £270

You have to pay a premium, but the iPad Mini feels and performs as it should


It certainly doesn't feel "plasticky" and the 4:3 screen ratio is perfect for web pages and surfing, with the extra screen realestate paying big dividends in this area.

Press the screen of your iPad mini with the screen off and notice how it flexes where your finger presses. They've made the screen out of a complex plastic, but it is still plastic to keep weight down. 


Screen feels plasticky when you tap on it and the picture is noticably poor for text based work like web surfing. There is too much manipulation of web pages (pinch and zoom) to make it a replacement for an iPad, and seeing as it doesn't have a phone, its role is limited to being a slick looking remote control.

There's no place for an 8inch ipad when the 10inch is better in every way and you have a superior iphone.

Mine has been returned.

Just an update, if anyone is in the least bit interested.

As I suspected my wife was up 3 hours earlier than me on Saturday and somehow got the mini to work properly[she doesn't know how] unlike Apple themselves.

There being at least 2 days till collection, we both spent a bit of time with it and gradually warmed to it.  There is no question that it is a premium piece in the hand, it has the quality feel that other tabs don't have - but then it is considerably more expensive.  The biggest surprise to me was the 'keyboard', I have never typed so fast in all my life and don't miss a 'proper' keyboard at all.  Given the cost of an iTouch I have limited my problem with the price and it even warms the cockles of my heart that I have something that Apple has a slightly lower profit margin on.  I am not pleased with the costs of extra cables, the prices are frankly a disgrace but I don't think I will need to buy them for my usage.

So no real surprise then that the collection was cancelled and I warm to the mini a little more each day.  

Limited you'r problem concerning an ipod touch relocated?

Sorry landzw I missed your question.  To explain, because of the cost of a Touch I was better able to justify the price of the Mini. £259 for the Touch,£269 for the Mini.  For me that is no contest, Mini it is.


Maybe you would like to do your own review?



Why would i give it 5* for sure ? 

The most upto date thing i own/co own with the wife is an iPad 2 and before that in iPod Shuffle

I will give any product a try but i use the reviews by What Hifi and other websites as a guidance (not the be all and end all)

What i'm getting at, you don't need to slag every review because you disagree which seems to be a trend with Apple products lately.

Constructive or a hands on critism people don't mind but spending your days reading specs on the web and then slating products because its numbers aren't as good as the other is pretty sad and it doesn't make you clever as you think you are

"has a great screen", "great with video". What a load of rubbish. The screen is blocky compared to its competitors, and the 4x3 aspect ratio is horrible for watching video.

This could well be a new all-time low for the magazine that still claims expensive hdmi leads make a difference "Clearer picture & brighter sound etc"


A lower resolution screen means you can display less on the screen - not more. That passage has just been copied from Apples PR release, which is also incorrect (or at best misleading).

A 7'' screen with 1200x800 resolution can display about 22% more information that a 7.9'' screen with 1024x768 resolution. The screen size is irrelevant as to how much info can be shown.

DONT POST THINGS IN A REVIEW THAT ARENT TRUE. Opinions are one thing - but lying(misleading) is something else completely.


Just a really poor review, its either written by someone with 0 technical know-how, or just biased. Either way its a shocker!


You can talk AnotherJoe, your comments on any Apple product seems to be the same over and over again to be honest and it annoys the hell out of me who just wants to know about all tech regardless of company.

I have been buying hifi tech using what hifi reviews for a good 20 years, and have found some reviews spot on but others i wouldn't given the product 2 stars because of PERSONAL PREFERENCE.

The problem is over the years choice has become bigger than ever which gives the buyer more of a choice to suit there PERSONAL PREFERENCE.

So what that means is yes you might find something like the iPad mini rubbish because you can buy something else that suits your needs better, but it doesn't mean the iPad mini is rubbish because you say so, someone else might find the mini better because its better suited to them.

Thank god people don't go around slating Andriod products as much as you slate Apple products you would have a mental breakdown

@Landzw read what Im saying.

I'm not commenting on the Ipad mini - I'm commenting on the review. If you think ANYTHING I've said is technically wrong then point it out.


The review is stating incorrectly - that the mini lets u display more of the screen when browsing the web than a nexus 7. This is simply not true.

A 1024x768 display lets u show less of a webpage than a 1280x800 display. The screen size is irrelevant.

For example if u have a 1920x1080 webpage, and u have the page displayed on a 7'' or a 50'' screen with a resolution of 1280x800 - the amount of the webpage displayed is exactly the same. Its down to scaling.

The reviewer is just re-quoting Apple's misinformation on their webpage, and failing to understand what he's saying.


And I am not pro-Android, or pro anything. What I do is point out people's mistakes and misconceptions and try to make sure people dont get caught up in the hype.

For example, I am equally damming about the display on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1....

Hi AnotherJoe,

thanks for your comments. Whilst true, the resolution on the iPad Mini is lower than that of some rivals, it isn't always the case that a higher resolution screen actually makes for a better picture. Firstly you've got to take into account all the processing that goes on behind the scenes, the brains of the tablet need to be up to the job of driving the screen to the best of its ability. Yes, the home screen on the Mini isn't quite as sharp when viewed on some rivals, but we found watching video content to be a different story.

When faced with standard-definition content, higher-res screens actually having to work harder to process and upscale the picture. And, having compared the Mini with its closest competitors we feel it's very accomplished in this department. Yes, the picture is letterboxed when watching a movie, but in our opinion, this doesn't detract from the viewing experience. Having had the opportunity to compare with its closest rivals, the Mini actually makes some of its rivals appear washed out, cloudy and lacking detail. 

The Mini's larger screen does make a difference when surfing the web. You see more of the page in landscape than when viewing on rival 7in tabs. In portrait on a Nexus 7, you see more of a page, but the smaller text means you have to zoom in and manipulate the page more. It really comes down to personal taste.

Of course there are other aspects of performance to take into account such as sound quality, speed of web-browsing etc. We found all the Apple's strengths combined justified the five-star rating.

Please remember these are just our opinions, you're very welcome to your own and it's something we encourage. Rest assured there's no Apple bias.



I can not understand how this has been given the 5 stars bearing in mind how many negative points you raise (yet still wash said points...). It costs £110 or 70% more than a Nexus 7. The screen is optimised for 4:3. The bigger screen might be ok for people with larger hands, but the whole point of the 7" screen of the Nexus et al is that they fit into practically everyones hands comfortably. You also admit that the sound is only listenable to for a short amount of time, maybe this is a failing of most tablets, but for the extra money I would want an upgrade in sound.

To watch the videos on a TV you also need to have a £39 cable... no HDMi support directly?



"When it comes to Apple products, you’re always going to be paying a premium over products that do a similar job"

Yes, some suckers that are brainwashed into Apple may pay the extra, some of us would rather save our money. I could buy a Nexus for both my kids for just an extra £50 compared to 1 Ipad Mini.

What Apple magazine strikes again! Who needs quad core and a high res screen when you have an Apple logo and a folding cover (For £30 extra)?

Seriously, I think you guys forget those of us that have to Pay for our products, when you continue to give Apple's well-overpriced stuff 5 Stars all the time. I thought the £250 iTouch was bad enough!

I've had Apple products over the years, and yes on the whole they work well, but they can't keep justifying the ridiculous price hikes over other manufacturers. It seriously calls What Hifi's judgement into question in my opinion.


Yes,I know it is a crime against humanity to criticise an Apple product.  But Apple Help phone call told me that it was necessary to make it do what I wanted it to do.  It made no difference and neither did about 2 hours with online help.

Crime? not at all, i have been there which i believe it was an Apple product ( iPod touch ) many years back and i did the same as you, then relised i didn't need to update straight away but it was to late once you start the upgrade. Who was i more annoyed with myself or Apple? Proberbly me for being so hot headed 

Updating products via the internet has been going on for a long time, i must admit its annoying when i turn on my xbox after a week and have an hour or two for a blast, but then relise i have an update that can take an hour and half due to my slow broadband, and you have no choice or you can't play online. Now that is annoying!

But with all Apple products you don't have to update them, they still work out of the box 

So, a desirability factor of 45 minutes....ouch!...still the obligatory 5 stars again though?


You didn't have to do the update if it bothered you that much, you do have an option to update later like maybe when you'r asleep

The update is ready and working, its hardly an issue to have to spend a bit of time updating

Mine came yesterday, nice feel, nice size.  Then the first thing I had to do was update ios.  That took 45 minutes----- 45 minutes for a device that is brand spanking new.  Brilliant, just ####### brilliant.

Having done all this it then could only play 59 seconds of my music before it shut down.  Brilliant yet again.

So yet another update that is not ready and leaving the testing to the mugs who pay premium money to be lab rats.

It is packed up and ready to be picked up next week to go back to Apple.

£269 for nought.


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