Apple EarPods

Tested at £25

A vast improvement over Apple's original buds, but not quite up with the best at this price


I have to say that these are way better than the Klipsh X10s I have. These actually have some bass response! Unless there is something wrong with the X10s. I have been wanting for some bass response. I listen to music at a low volume, I don't like to crank them up because it hurts my ears, so it needs to have bass response even at low volumes. The Apple earpods do, but not the X10. Which is annoying because the X10s are so expensive! 

I've just unwrapped the EarPods, with some skepticism (I didnt rate the previous buds for comfort or sound) plugged them into my iPhone 5 and popped them in my ears.  First impressions, wow, these are comfortable.  I have a pair of old Shure E2C in ear phones that I use at work (approx £90 when new).  I have to say that things have seriously progressed.  The Apple EarPods provide more bass and way more detail than the Shure's. The level of detail is very surprising for the money, certainly enough to determine digital issues on poor recordings or rips.  These little things rival my old Grado headphones for detail. Amazing for the price, someone very clever has been working on these to produce this sound quality at this price point. I'm presuming the issues with them may be variability in the product quality?  Who knows, but I'm amazed, A+ Apple. 


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