AKG K551

Tested at £230

Smashing all-rounders that really sing


These would seem like the ideal solution for me.  I currently have the Grado SR80's and V-moda m80's, but would like a pair of cans that combine the best properties of both.  

Andy, could you tell me how these compare with the Grado's?  Are they just as open-sounding?

I know people have had issues with fit.  But they certainly must be more comfortable than the Grado's?  Do they also make for sweaty ears?

Obliged! Smile

Great sound out of tgd box I asumd it sill only get better, the description is no longer correct as they do not come with a carry pouch.

are they better than the 550s? 

No, sound quality is pretty much identical. The main difference between the K550s and the K551s is that the latter have a slightly more rugged design and an in-line controls.



- Big and not foldable

- Not exactly portable


WHF, I don't think AKG were trying to be small, I am sure the company makes enough headphones that fit that bill. From the ear pieces to the band holding them together, nothing here suggests small, thin or delicate. So why mark them down for what they clearly are not trying to be?!

Plus how many times can you say the same thing. "Big and not foldable" would suggest, "not exactly portable"...!

As home headphones (or when I'm trying to sleep in the car on long journeys) I'd love a pair of these as they seem to sound great and hopefully block out external sound and not leak sound either, but for going out portability I have other headphones or in-ear phones. Each do their job as per their design intention. People who buy these can clearly see they are chunky, and that is probably what they want. 

Dissapointed this review is trying to create negatives for the sake of it, where none seem to exist. 



Well it's still a 5-star review Smile


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