AKG K550

Tested at £250

Best home on-ears £150+, Awards 2013. Rousingly musical headphones with no obvious deficiencies


Absolutely stunning sound but I'm struggling to get totally comfortable wearing them for those longer listen sessions

Have also just bought these, and can also report,at this early stage, that bass is severely lacking when compared to my previous budget Sennheisers. Have set the EQ on full on my MCR-603, but its only with the Dynamic Bass Boost that the bass is what I want it to be, but this slightly'muddies'the midrange..... No disputing the soundquality overall hovever...

I have just bought these at £149, a bargain IMO. They sound absolutely brilliant on Spotify via my HTC desire phone.

They're a great set of cans, especially as you can pick them up for £150 these days. I was blown away by the soundstage, especially as they're closed back. My only issue is vocals can sound slightly recessed and a touch metallic. 

Picked a set of these up today, absolutely brilliant. Think the outside world will be silent to me for the foreseable future (if I can ever get them back from the Mrs!)

I'm using them through a Grado 450cm extension cable, from what I have heard it doesn't seem to affect the sound at all.

The only downside I can think of, if it can be called that, is that the cable can't be detached. Not really an issue, just make sure you don't yank the cable out.


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