Spendor A6

Tested at £1895

Outstanding speakers without any obvious flaws. In fact, they don’t have any obscure flaws either. These Spendors are true must-hear hi-fi


These are elegant and breathtaking speakers.



I just purchased the A6 used and very discounted, I was skeptical whether they woukd perform much better than my newish Monitor Audio bronze BX5 with a Creek Evolution 2 and Schiit Bifrost Über. At first, they seemed more similar than different, but, we're getting into serious "diminishing return" territory here at $4K+ retail here. What you get for all that extra ash is a shinier treble, more cohesive sound (with even more air around instruments, oddly) and, above all, a very nice ability to throw directional cues around the room (very surround sound like at higher volumes.  The Creeks is 85Wx2 but once you turn the volume up to around 40, they really begin to play further out of their boxes.  I'm still considering a more powerful amp, but I don't feel any urgency to do it.  These really excel with chamber music and Beethoven's piano concerto #5 is pretty special.  The one that really dropped my jaw was Beethoven Op. 74 "Harp" Poco-Adagio:Allegro 96/24 off the 2L website.  Ifnyou're not a Beethoven fan, you will be...you will be.  More later if I change amps.

I have my Splendor A6s linked up to a cheap Yamaha AS-500, with a Rega P3 and an old Sony UK edition CD player and the sound is breathtaking to the point of making me revisit my CD and Vinyl collection.

Most of the reviews of A6s seem to be extremely positive with the odd negative, I often wonder if the negative reviews come from the marketing departments of the competition.

From Dusty Springfield to Rage Against the Machine, all sound amazing and the build quality is fantastic to boot

I can't help but notice strong anglophilic bias. It is as if these English iconic brands can do no wrong in the ears of WhatHifi and their staff. There are nine Spendor product review at the time of writing and all are rave review with little or no cons. Somehow the absolutely miserable frequency response is not noted. Even the most expensive Spendor product leaves out a major portion of musical information. The more I read the reviews on this site the more obvious this trend becomes. If its got Naim, Roksan, spendor, Creek, etc. on the front, the product is somehow infallible. You British reviewers in your 30's and 40's reminisce about products that had their heyday when they were in their teens. Now these once poor mans hifi producers are capitalizing on this apparent nostalgia. 


Beware, when the rest of the public catches on to essentially apocryphal abstracts that you reviewers throw around, your magazine and the products you so aggrandizedly endorse, risk going the direction of the British auto industry.


Well, when I last looked the British car industry was doing pretty well, with JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) under Tata ownership racking up record profits, and luxury brands such as Rolls Royce and Bentley doing very nicely thank you.

WHAT A COSTLY MISTAKE I HAVE MADE.  i was going to up grade my b&w cm7 speakers for something in the £2000+ range and because i have cyrus gear i was loocking at vienna acoustic,pmc ,spendor ,atc.reading all reviews i had ruled ot the spendor as i three way speakers then along came a good deal for the a6 on fleebay £1200so i bought them i can honestly say they are the worst speaker i have ever heard at any price my daughters sony micro system sounds better no bass muddled mid ear bleeding high pitch rubbish when you turn them up loud they sound like a old radio cassette .there is no sound stage at all no seperation in instruments all you get is snare drums and symbals when the artist sings there vioce is way out in front of the music as if the music gets turned down when the singer sing .as you can tell i really hate these things and are now for sale dont listen to the reviews the more they spend on ads  +backhanders the better the review .if this junk

can get best speaker under £3000 then that says it all.i am nowlooking for new speakers after only 9 days with the a6 (9 days to long) cant even bare to switch my £10000 system on shame on you what hifi.

then all I can say is that  either you have something amiss elsewhere in the set u, or the cheap spendors you bought are broken. I have had my A6's for 18 months and have never heard them sound anything like your description. The sound stage is very good, the tonal balance right, vocals are just in front of the music, or mixed within it depending upon the recording. The bass is well balanced into the sound, and thankfully avoids the frequently heard one note thump, or boom and tizz.

I really would suggest you have a serious think about where your system problems lie, as any 10,000 system that sound the way you describe as been very poorly thought out or placed in the room 

Well obviously you've heard a very different pair of Spendor A6 speakers from us. There is no way what we heard could be decribed as the "worst speaker" or akin to a micro system. Are you sure the ones you bought aren't damaged in any way? We're big fans of Cyrus gear to and there's no way the A6s should sound that bad.

Yes heard these with a Naim Supernait and Linn streaming source. Midrange was particularly impressive, guitars for example sounded possibly the most realistic I've heard, though the amp could have done with more dynamics IMO.


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