Tacima CS929

Tested at £40

Explicitly illustrates the gains a modest outlay can achieve - really is a no-brainer


i recently bought 2 of these, 1  for my new sony 40" led tv, and 1 for my nad hifi system, to see if they would make much difference. after plugging in, i immediately noticed a great improvement on both!    The tv's picture was more colourful and vibrant, and my hifi had greater clarity and bass weight!........... i really didnt expect much improvement, but wow, was i wrong!  buy with confidence ,and for as little as £28 its an absolute bargain!! Smile

The Tacima mains conditioner doesn't seem to make any difference to the sound of my system.

The quality of your mains may be good or perhaps your system isn't particularly sensitive to this aspect.


ditto, no brainer really. your system deserves it

Immediately noticable improvement....greater detail, separation & bass.


£27 on Amazon....as the review says...a no-brainer!


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