Sky + HD

Tested at £99

Match it with the right sound and vision kit, and your TV watching will be transformed


just waiting now for sky hd any minute now ,

got my free chord co hdmi from what hi-fi ready to go freeveiw was killing me and virgin wanted to rip my lawn up ..........

wife would have killed me , ha

reckon i made right choice ,

sorry got to go here is the sky man ,weird timing

ill post later on with positive comments i hope

come on liverpool

Mmmm..... the software is clunky and the EPG only shows 1.5 hours. Long program names are hard to see when they are cut off. Not a 5 star at all

Don't get me wrong the picture is very good but if this is what you think is a 5 star product I suggest you go and purchase another 5 stars.

I could only ever get 720p out of mine!  I had 6 boxes in 6 months!!! but this was samsung/Thomson boxes.. great channels on offer, no one gets close not even virgin... esp sports HD... better than going to matches apart from being in the holte end having banta/songs!!


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