Roksan Caspian M2

Tested at £1650

Best stereo amp £1500+, Awards 2013. The Caspian M2 is an exceptional amplifier for the money. It’s a big-hearted performer capable of drama and subtlety


I believe What hifi get's very generous in their notation.


I would not apply 5 star to the roksan caspian m2, because the sound is not the best you can have. And for this all "need to be better", you must pay 1600 pounds, that is not cheap for something "on the way to be perfect but not for the moment".


I must say the Caspian is not a bad amp. He have room, he have scene, he could make placement well, he has strong dynamic and he's able to reproduce a lot of things quite well. But, on the other way, some important details are disappearing with him, at every volume level, but more when you play him at slow volume. Those eated details are making it impossible for him to give back reality. He's giving "something", not quite bad, but for beeing honest, some EDITED, not even mentionned, and discontinued asian amps in the past yers, made as good, and some really amazed me in this rendering of reality. But not the caspian.


So I can only repat it, make yourself your own culture and just take those kind of "reviews" with the distance it need.


As I wrote it above, 1600 pounds are not so expensive as some well reknowned leaders in the hifi world. But 1600 pounds are too much for an amp that is not correct in his sound restitution. And for this price, you should obtain a correct soudnig hifi amp. The builders must now calm down their "margin maximisation" trip and come back to the customer, or they will disappear. ALL OF THEM !!

Thank you Steve.

still very happy with the CD player. Maybe will buy the M2 Amp because I think I love the Roksan sound

Then I come back and give my review and experience also:)


George, rather late reply, but yes it's the same remote across the K and M series units, CDPs and amps. 

In my now extended experience, the M2 is something of a gem, a sometimes astonishing mix of power and and impact and yet so subtle and delicate. Ultimately it is about control, even at loud levels, it retains a vice grip on my speakers without going hard, soft or indeed anything other than the emotion and nuance of the music without colouration. Fantastic. 

I own a Caspian M2 CD player.

Is the remote the same one as that from the M2 Amplifier does anybody know? Thanks

What cd player did you use for the test WHF?


Would this pair well with the meridian g08.2 - and would you replace the meridian g51 for this ?



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