Razer Mako 2.1

Tested at £260

A well-priced, entertaining system that'll be a great addition to a study or games room


It will be a 4.5 from me, there is lacking a mid range and bass could be better, annoying pod, but overall, the sound is good for music, games, etc.. and looks really nice!

"The best speakers I have ever had!"

Amazing design and unusual technology. Downward firing speakers and 300-watt Audera ClassHD digital amplifier produce extremely high quality sound. Sometimes I feel like a real band plays in front of me. So clear and my ears never get tired of it. Even can sleep with some music on Smile I can hear details in some songs I could not hear on any other system including Technics top-end amplifiers with proper speakers. Just one problem I have come across. In some songs what start with lots of middle and high frequencies and when bass starts after a while I notice little drop of the level of middles and heights afrerwards. Good example could be Thunderstruck by AC/DC or Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Perhaps that unusual amplifier construction causes this issue. Satellites have a bit thick and wide cables. I understand that satellites are bi-wired (4 wires) but I would really appreciate if it was designed more round. Then it would be easier to hide or use. I bought this system after disappointing experience with Logitech Z-2300. Had to return to a shop because could not stand the sound. When I first time connected Razer Mako and listened to it I loved it straight away. My first impression hardly has been wrong. For instance I hated Logitech Z-2300 from first time I used it. The sound plays very important role in my life. Since a while I switched to MP3 and play all my music from PC or iPod nowadays. Most high-end amplifiers and speakers are constructed to reproduce music from CD. They usually do not sound good with PC or MP3 players. Therefore I decided to go for 2.1 system what is usually capable of great sound from MP3s. Films and games are also great sounding with this system. I am recommending Razer Mako to everyone who appreciates the quality of sound and it is worth that steep price (paid �225 on ebuyer) without a shadow of doubt. It does deserve 5 stars but I gave it just 4.5 because of that signal dropping issue. Well done Razer and THX Smile

I was just wondering what you WHF used when you reviewed this product?

I have been using this for about a year. I really like it Wink

But then I went to a local hifi store and then I was hooked on buying "real" hifi Tongue

I have it connected to a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series soundcard and that works pretty well.

Remote pod isn't intuitive but it is responsive. You need to touch close to the volume line and not on the line.

Mako is great for movies and games. I don't like treble when I listen to MP3. It's sometimes hard to listen.

The sound is very detailed and good in general.


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