QED Profile HDMI

Tested at £25

QED has stuck to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra, so this remains a great budget buy – now brought up to date, spec-wise


In your opinion and also considering tesco are running a 3for2 offer on the QED Profile is it worth the upgrade from the 'That Cable' 2m hdmi?

Hello everyone,

I think it's important to lay out the facts in order to correct any misconceptions. Unlike many cables available in the market, all QED HDMI cables are manufactured to QED's own designs and specifications. QED Profile HDMI is no exception to this rule.

BTW, I think the plugs are pretty cool as well.

Best regards,

Steve Reichert, PR Manager - Armour Home (QED)

Not a bad cable considering it wasn't actually designed by QED.'Co Partner' should be printed on the cable. That is the name of the Chinese company that designed the cable. Nice plugs though.

i still dont get why they put such high price tags on hdmi cables because they all do the same job surely.


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