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A gifted CD player that can still rub shoulders with the very best decks that the budget market can offer


My most enjoyable hobby after music is reading What HiFi which is then very hard to find in my country, and I highly respect the experts.

But in terms of NAD CD players there is a shame and dissappointment in all reviews from What HiFi, all the words about sound quality is correct letter by letter, but a CD player is not only an audio electronic board, it does need a mechanism to play and read CDs, and for me after years of owning 2 NAD players it has been a quite unlovely experience.

I was careful using them as careful as I'm with my own ears, but the transport mechanisms of both went out of order soon. And we all know it's hard to pay nowadays and a HiFi lover also has a heart to be broken. Now I feel strong fear to buy C545 BEE.

But be happy guys, most of you are in European and American countries and have variety of choices and after sale services, here for me it's a quite hard process to find proper stuff and warranties.

Thank you, enjoy your music.

OWL4, Tehran, Iran

I spent my £350.00 on this hyped up player yesterday, connected it up to my Yamaha AX863SE amp and Monitor Audio speakers.. and what a complete shock. The sound from this player was all I hate about digital music, rough harsh scratchy treble, no bass extension whatsoever, no spatial presence (in fact it sounded very closed in like a constipated pig) no musicality, no timing, I could go on. I was totally shocked at how bad this player sounded after reading all the praise that What HIFI had given it. As an act of desperation I plugged my Samsung mobile phone in to my amp to play some mp3's and it actually sounded BETTER! than the NAD. My previous Sony CDP-XB920E sounded a 100 times better, superb imagery, powerful deep tuneful punchy bass, silky smooth airy treble and purely toe tapping timing & musicality. How on earth could this happen? a 13 year old player completely out classing a brand new model in every way -including Build quality. To make sure I wasn't going completely insane I got 3 audiofile friends to blind listen and the result was exactly as I predited, they ALL hated the sound of the NAD and had nothing but praise for the old failing sony player while it lasted: as it was on it's last legs! If I had known how bad the Nad was I would have had my Sony repaired instead of wasting £350.00 on this peice of junk. WHAT HIFI PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF.

It's going back to the shop pronto, but I still have no idea what other player to swap it for, HELP PLEASE ANYONE.

To STWEEVE: It's not the CD Player causing the 1 second pause gap, you need to go to properties of the track in Nero and remove the 2 second pause gap for the tracks that are continuous before you burn them.

Update on the returned NAD C545bee.

Returned the awful sounding NAD and got the £100 cheaper Cambridge Azure 640C V2. As far as I'm concerned just after 15 minutes listening it was obvious to my ears that the cambridge was a much superior player in all departments, the music is now multi dimentional, a smoother cleaner sound with even a bit more detail tnan the NAD and the timing is back, making the music come alive -I couldn't stop myself tapping along with the music. Don't get put off by the Cambridge name as I did at first. I think What HiFi should actually dock a star from the NAD and give it back to the Cambridge azure 640c v2. Only criticism with the 640 is that the bass is a little loose at the very bottom & it might sound a little too lively in the treble region if partnered with the wrong system, but it's still a mind-blowingly good cd player for the money.

I took delivery of my C545BEE on monday march 23rd and whilst running it in I noticed that on a cd where the music is continuous from start to finish,there was a 1 second gap appearing in the music between the last two tracks.At first I thought there was a problem with the cd so I tried some more cds that were mixed(I have quite a few dance music cds) and the problem was consistant on every one.I have contacted my supplier and reported the problem who in turn have contacted NAD UK to find out if this problem is confined to this one unit or is a more common fault before a course of action can be taken ,that was wednesday 25th march ,I haven't heard anything yet so I was wondering if anybody else has the same fault

to mgsamps:-it is the player,it happens on all cds, originals included but only between the last two tracks ,regardless of how many tracks are on the cd






I have recently purchased the new C545BEE and can tell you that it gives what I expected! It has superb performance irrespectively of listening to either jazz or electronic music. It provides highly sophisticated, natural and detailed sound which can be enjoyed for a long long time... I added C545 to my NAD T754 AV receiver and Monitor Audio BR6 Reference speakers connected with QED cables. The result is outstanding. Outstanding value and product!

Extremely unreliable player. Turned out faulty after 3 months of use, went for repair to armour home electronics (UK) twice, and both times it came back faulty. Needless to say anything more.

To be fair, I liked the sound of the player when it used to work.

The reviewer should know that NAD Electronics hasn't been British in a quite a while. It is a Canadian company now.

I just returned to the store the recently purchased NAD C545BEE and not for the quality of the sound but simply because this unit fails to read the cd's as they are; it just inserts a one second gap between the last two songs on the album and really it's quite annoying to have that on Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' for example where there are no gaps between songs whatsoever (I even tried the cd on a display model in the store and guess what it did the same, although it worked fine on a different display model); is it because a bad firmware or just because it's made in China? I don't know, I do know for sure this NAD started it's life with a disappointment... too bad

Sadly a very good sounding machine is let down by poor quality. Had mine for 10 months before the gremlins others already mentioned started surfacing. Skipping tracks randomly and not responding to the controls on the machine. Very frustrating, especially as it really fantastic sounding machine. Nad seriously needs to look at its quality control. I'm surprised they carried on shipping these units without fixing the problems reported by customers. It reflects very poorly on Nad and will cause them to loose sales to their rivals.

Dear snastase,

This afternoon I recieved the following e-mail from NAD Electronics regarding the audio dropout you did mention:

"re: NAD C545BEE C565BEE

Thank you for your recent request via the nAD Electronics website.

I am so sorry about this issue.

The audio dropout at the last two tracks can be fixed with a new software.

Please contact your local dealer to update your unit.

Best regards (..)"

With kind regards.

As a 545 owner, I am still undecided between the NAD 545 and Denon 2910 which I also own. Classical music on 545 sounds simply great. Love the analogue filter and the effect it has on sound stage ( incredibly more detaild at the edges with less presence at the center) Bass are decent and stage is very good. On the other hand DENON 2910 has a bassline and stage which are both more robust and well rounded compared to 545 - both from analogue and coax outputs. Instruments sound less alive on denon when compared to 545 though. I tell you, I am still undecided and swapping once in a while between the two.. ( Amp: Marantz SR7200, Spk: BW602D)

I didn't read the reviews here until *after* I bought my C545BEE. I'm glad I didn't as mgsamps might have put me off. I'm buying for a second listening room (my home office) and I didn't have time to audition different players. I already had a C370 amp so I thought a NAD player would go nicely with it and just went on the reviews. It was bit of a shock when I first plugged it in to hear a very confused, muddled and harsh sound. In fact, pretty much as mgsamps described it.

However, three days later (having been in use for about 8 hours each day) the sound is excellent, crystal clear where it needs to be, good separation and a sumptuous sound stage. All good hifi components need time to settle in, some take longer than others.

I am very happy with my C545BEE/C370/AVI Neutron V  system in my little office. Perfect - whether I'll ever get any work done is something else ...

As with most NAD products the sound it produces is exceptional, but this will not last long till it goes wrong. At first it decided to switch it self off all be it at the end of a CD, then as the weeks past it decided at first to only play the CD's it liked and switch it self off at any time, then it would not switch on at all. After it was repaired it lasted 5 weeks befor it went wrong again, same problem would not switch on, at this point i recived a replacement CD player from the retailer i bought it off. This lasted realy well for a NAD product at whole 12 weeks befor it to decided to start its old tricks of not switching on again, this was sent for repair and now 4 weeks later i am about to recive it back.

I purchased this unit back in July after reading favorable reviews on a lot of websites.  I heard about some owners complaining about defects and quality control.  My opinion - people just had bad luck and only the super picky complain about these things.

I took my chance and decided anyways that I wanted one.  In a nutshell, the sound quality is fantastic.  However, I noticed that the cd spinning inside was noisy.  My cheap costco dvd player can play a music cd and be totally silent, why can't this one be too?

Big deal, I thought I was just being too demanding.  But then 4 months after the purchase, the front buttons on the unit stop responding.

Sure, the price i paid was not considered expensive in the HIFI world but it's not cheap by any means either.  

I'm totally dissapointed.  Shame on you NAD.

Despite a lot of the bad comments regarding this player i decided yep i'm gonna chance it anyway.Firstly i made sure i bought it from an authorized & reputable dealer firstly to ease my mind & secondly to ensure a reliable customer service should the need arise.Now let me begin,no hiccups,no stop starts,no disappointments.This player is impressive,the soundstage accurate,warm & seriously responsive, certainly not excitable or in your face like my old cambrige & audio player .Paired with the c355 this is match made in heaven.Brillant.


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