Tested at £230

NAD proves that fashion is no substitute for substance – still an impressive player


ABSOLUTLY GOOD, MUSICAL SOUND, easy for ears, 6 stars sound. One of the best sounding budget cd player . BUT is noisy spinning the disc (like many other budget cd player). 

It had many problems with cd tray open/close mechanism. Is not a reliable cd player, I have to sold it because of unreliability. I had many cd players in the past (budget Marantz, Denon, Onkyo, Philips, Arcam (not budget), Aiwa, Yamaha SACD player) with absolutly no technical problems during many years of use. Sorry for NAD

Great combination with NAD 320 BEE amp.

Dear folks, I am in fact TudorSeulean who posted the latest comment here, but could not access my account so I had to create a new one to post a new comment to do NAD justice. The truth is, I have bought a NAD amp (the C 320BEE to be precise) in the meantime, and I can now tell you that this CD player + amp combination is absolutely fantastic. Did not like it for a couple of days, but then it started to shine - the sound is absolutely fantastic - it is rich and has substance, and treble (cymbals, etc) is crystal clear - punchy yet refuined. The bass and rhythm are fantastic too. To cut a long story short, this combination rocks! And I am an extremely demanding listener. As stated in my other comment, my speakers are the Epos M12.2s, interconnect this time is the Atlas Equator, and speaker cable is the Chord Silver Anniversary something. To get this GREAT, full, rich, delightful, punchy and yet refined sound, the tone controls on the amp need to be as follows: treble - 0, bass - 3 o'clock position (about 75%). Cut the bass and the sound is too lean, lacking substance. Increase treble and the sound becomes tiring. This is the perfect setup for me.

I have just bought this CD player and am not very happy with it. Bass and rhythm are very good, and detail is exceptional, as is the soundstage. However, everything is a bit overdone, as if the amp had a LOUDNESS button that's always "on," i.e. vocals are too open and slightly sibilant, and treble/cymbals are rather metallic instead of sparkling and sweet, which I find very tiring. I have bought this CD player because my Cyrus CD 6S won't read many of my CDs anymore (laser lens needs cleaning, but Cyrus will only replace the laser for 242 pounds. I would clean the lens myself but the mechanism is one of those very complicated ones that make the lens impossible to reach), and my other CD player, a very old Rotel RCD 945AX, will not read most remastered CDs, so I'm comparing the sound of the NAD 515 BEE to the sound of the other two above-mentioned players, whose sound, through my Rotel RA 1062 amp and Epos M 12.2 speakers, is exceptional, without any sibilance or exaggerated treble and cymbals. To those I can listen for days on end and it's always a joy to do so; the NAD though gets me tired very quickly.

Bought one of these as a replacement for an expired Marantz CD5400.  I consider it an 'upgrade': the sound is far more detailed then the Marantz was, and when paired with the C315BEE amplifier, and Chord Crimson Plus interconnects, the sound is simply beautiful.


If you're thinking of getting one, don't hesitate! NAD proves once again to be the epitome of the phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

This is a nice looking CD player. I just checked out NAD's website, and they've acknowledged the problem:

"A small number of NAD C515BEE were produced with a CD tray position switch that proved to be unreliable. All units in the serial number range were reworked with new switches. Unfortunately some units were sold before we realized the situation. Any customer experiencing problems will have their unit repaired free of charge. We apologize to anyone that has experienced this difficulty with their C515BEE."


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