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There’s value here as surely as there ever was, but some upstart rivals have the measure of the NAD


Would the 326 pair nicely with the monitor audio rx1?

I bought this C326BEE to replace my old C350 which after 13 years of service stopped working.

at first out of the box I was a little dissaopinted with the C326BEE, it sounded very forward in the upper midrange and lower treble and not at all bass heavy as described. However I have given the amp a lot of use now and I'm pleased to say that it is everything you would expect from NAD, lovely rich smooth sound. The bass is powerful and well extended yet controlled with it. There are massive reserves of power on tap and the dynamics and transient response of this amp are simply wonderful to behold, it seems so much more than 50W in real world use.

I'm pleased I stuck with NAD for a new amp 13 years after my first NAD. I highly recommend this amp it combines crystal clear smooth power with finesse. 

Best meanandgreen, 

at writing my comment i listen to music with my C350 + rogers,jbl combo. You purchase the C326BEE and i like the loyality from your side.

i don't no when my C350 give up playing after al those years. I don't safe it and it must work for me day in day out. It's a big plesure to have an amp that stand for so long and give my favorite music the best performance. 

All knobs are still free of crisping, and when finaly the day comes, i have already another NAD amp to take over.

much music listening. The 326BEE wil do it.

Budget NAD amps have come and gone several times in my system but I always end up coming back to them.  Firmly in the NAD tradition, the C326BEE isn't the most glamorous amp at the price, but it engages with a fluid and involving sound that really puts the music to the fore, and the hi-fi in the background.  Yes, the bass can be a little full if care isn't taking in choosing suitable partners, but in the right system this is rarely an issue and the NAD is actually capable of a very balanced and cohesive sound. The NAD is certainly very dynamic and big swings in dynamics, such as those on a Porcupine Tree album or those in a Mahler Symphony, are handled confidently.  Subtlety is also a strong point with simple acoustic tracks benefitting from the NAD's ability to project a sense of atmosphere. One thing I have found very worthwhile is changing the steel jumpers fitted by NAD to bridge the pre-out and main in sockets on the back.  I'm using Audioquest jumpers at a cost of £25 and they really do make a big difference to this amp, bringing better clarity and focus to the sound.

Speakers in particular - as we say in our review in the May issue: "if you keep your partnering speakers below the £500 mark, you'll find this amp to be nigh-on flawless".

Thanks for your opinion, Rocketride, but it's not 'traditional' for NAD to get five stars. Less than half of the NAD products reviewed here get the full five:

Dear Clare Newsome, how does the NAD C326BEE compare to Rega Brio 3?

Thanks in advance



I don't understand this.  How can it sound worse with a better source, for eg?

Will get found out with better equipment???

Is that source or speakers??

i want one!, but my nad 3240pe  from 1991, simply refuses to die,and still sounds superb!!!but one day,when it finally dies,  i shall buy a c326bee.

looking at NADs online manual, looks like this amp has only one set of speaker outputs, not 2 as listed here and the May 2009 mag.

Am I wrong in this ?

I just installed my first Hi Fi System using the NAD C326BEE + NAD C545BEE CD player + KEF IQ5.... (I based my purchase decision on the reviews and comments for these products on WHF and my subsequent auditions of the same)... the clarity and the depth is fantastic for this price (1,100 Pounds)

the speakers have the punch, the acoustics are very nice and music really fills my room up,...overall i would strongly recommend this combination if your budget is ~1000 pounds, good cables/interconnects also help.

Now, while i prefered the Monitor Audio RS6 speakers to the KEF IQ5, the reason i downgraded was this comment "will get found out with better equipment" makes sense to combine a NAD355 or CA Azur 640 with the RS6 speakers but this calls for a higher budget and i would believe should deliver better sound(I did audition this combo too)

"Good build and value"

while the amp sounds great its build quality is pretty lacking. I have some cheaper CA gear, and compaired to there near full metal front, the Nad cheap plastic front comes over very badly, it really does feel very cheap in comparason.

But...that asside its hard to find anything wrong with it at all - worth every penny.

Ugly as only NAD could be... Plastic and cheap look. Sounds just like typical NAD, dull and poor. Can't understand this NAD mania and almost traditionally five star rating? No coment...

Quick question... I just bought B&W 683 speakers and wanted an integrated amplifier with it.  The salesman suggested strongly the NAD C355BEE, which is more expansive than this one, the NAD C326BEE.  Is this the way to go?  I am hesitating and don't need the C355 A+B speaker feature.  The C355 has 2X80W and the C326 has 2X50W... I've heard a subtle difference in the shop, but I'm still not sure if it's worth the extra money.  Does someone have an advice on that?


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