Monitor Audio Silver RX6

Tested at £750

Inspiring speakers with an extensive suite of abilities. A must hear


Just purchased these, running them with an Rega Brio R amp, Marantz CD6004 with an Rega RP1 turntable. Sounds awsome.

I just purchased them, they sound amazing even without being runned-in.

Powered by Simaudio Moon i.5 amp and DACMagic with Onkyo Ipod dock via toslink.


I have these speakers as part of a 7.1 set (with the RX Centre and 2x pairs of RX-FXs) running from an Arcam AVR-360. The front L-C-R speakers are cabled using Chord Rumour 4 (the rears with generic 105-strand OFC embedded in the walls and ceiling void).  I haven't used the Monitor Audio sub, instead I'm using a B&W ASW-1000 which I've had for many years.

In multichannel mode, particularly from lossless audio on Blu-Ray, the sound is stunning. Switch to 2-channel stereo mode and things only get better. Whether playing CDs, vinyl or streaming high-bitrate MP3 (or FLAC) these speakers just sound stunning.

I take the point about the plinths looking ungainly on certain finishes, I think this is because MA supply the plinths in black regardless of the speaker finish. Certainly in the promotional pic that WHF have used, featuring the beechwood finish, they do indeed look like they're standing in the shower! However I ordered mine in Black Oak finish, and with the plinth the same colour as the speaker cabinet this isn't an issue.

I did briefly wonder whether I should have gone for the RX8s rather than the 6s - right up until I played Azaelia Banks' "212". At which point I realised that whilst the amount of low-end kick with the 6s was just perfect, any more and it would be overblown. So unless you have a massive room, get the 6s and spend the extra on either a better amp/AV receiver or better speaker cable instead.

Would definitely recommend these.

I auditioned the RX6's recently using a Rega DAC along with Rega Brio-R, Audiolab 8200a, Cyrus 6 & Naim Nait XS amps (I favoured the Audiolab and Naim with them). I also compared them with the B&W 684's which sounded lifleless by comparison. I have previously auditioned their predecessors, the RS6's, which I liked but was wary of the over bearing treble. Apparently, the RS6's slight peak around 11kHz is absent in the RX6 giving them a far more neutral treble, still lively and fast with a superb deep, tight bass. I had no qualm in ordering a pair to go with my Naim Nait XS and Rega DAC. Great value speakers at £699 from Audio T in the sale.

I have the following setup:

Yamaha RX-A2010

Front: Mission v63

Centre: Monitor Audio RX

Surround: Monitor Audio RX-FX

Subwoofer: Monitor Audio RSW12


I am happy with my current setup but was thinking of upgrading the Mission v63 to Monitor Audio RX6. Is the upgrade worth? Will it make a difference in a good way? Are the RX6 superior to the v63?

Hi Marius,


Consider that 6ohm impedance of the RX6s; as far as I know non-us+candada yamaha AV recevier models work better with 8ohm speakers (I own rx-v467, and this is an 8ohm only model in UE/RO); as far as I could read elsewhere, it takes seriously refined amp to take these to their max (talking sound texture not power), say creek destiny for example, but this is not to say that they will necessarily sound worse than your existing ones in the current setup.


(marantz cd6003/dune hd max)->(yamaha a-s500/yamaha rx-v467)->(monitor audio bronze BX2/ Magnat Interior 501)

I  have had 8 months now with these speakers, initially attached to a Cyrus 6XP with a rotel 9658x and more recently a cyrus 8XPd.

The upgrade to the 8XPd was a bit of overkill as i would have been happy with the 6XP with a DAC card but the deal was good so i opted for the extra grunt.

Some thoughts then:

1. The speakers a supurb, just stunning, livable, design oriented partner friendly, engaging. I purchased them over the RX2 actually, which was the speaker that brought me into the MA fray, the detailed mids on that speaker are breathtaking and better than the RX6. But as a package, extra base, ease of bass production and a "tighter" overall sound and a lovely piece of furniture overall they were the clear winner. I tested against similar looking B&W, Jamo, ELAC and Mordunt Short and they were a cut above for the type of music i listen to; electronica, alt rock and bits of everything else. I almost fell over when i woke from an afternoon sleep and my partner was spinning a audiophile quality modern classical CD, woodwind out of an inky background.


I have points 2 and 3 but they are to do with the XP6 and XP8d upgrade so look under the XP8d for my impressions. 


I auditioned the RX6, RX8, A/E radiance 2+3, B&W 684, Dali Ikon 6, Dynaudio excite 12, and thought these were the nicest all round speaker. On putting them in my room, I am very pleased with the concise mid and treble, openess and just the right bass for me, not boomy like the RX8 or boxy like B&W 684, they had better presentation than the A/E2, although I was impressed by the A/E3 but that was £350 more expensive, so I've kept the cash to put towards a really nice spinner, have CD6SE, Apollo, and Kandy, so sell all those and buy something spectacular --- yeah, well better,  ~~ at least,  use Cyrus 8 amp and merlin Chopin interconnects with Chord Odyssey cable and jumpers.

Saying these have no bass is riduculous  ~ give them air and space, and allow decent burn in first to get very good results, I'm very impressed!! 

I had the opportunity to not only compare the RX6s with similar speakers from M.A.'s Gold range, but also with their Silver predecessors, the RS6s. I expected minor differences but in fact they are two completely different speakers.

Anyway, both sound terrific in their own way and it is a matter of taste whether you like the former or the latter but I liked the new RX6s better.

I partner them with a (also brand new) Marantz SR5004 AV amplifier and must say that this match is a winner! I audited Sony, Yamaha and Denon as well but the punch and neutral sound of Marantz complement the RX6s perfectly.

If you are ever going to visit your hifi-dealer and audit this combination, here's a shortlist of albums you should consider taking with you:

- Live - Throwing Copper, for good midrange impressions

- Enigma - The Screen Behind The Mirror, for electronic sounds, clarity and punchy basses

- Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night, for the opening track and overall dynamics

And my opinion? Keep the extra 550 euros you would have spent on the Gold range in your wallet or spend them on a better amp. Silver is the new Gold Wink

thank you.

I'm very dissapointed with these speakers, had b&w 602s2 before and these were not in the same league even though they were twice the price!! I have now sold them and got the b&w 684 and the difference is immediately apparent, I can't believe WHF gave these the awards over the 684's!!! I agree the build quality is better on the rx6 but the sound is no-where near as good. Be warned !!

Got them home for about a week now and have been running them non-stop from various sources.

WOW!  The music from my mac mini (all ripped in AIFF) via a DAC sounds amazing!  My room is smaller than the demo room but they are still tight and powerful in the lows, sweet in the mid and top.

The sound is clinical - not like metal domed tweeters used to be. Rather there is no overhang to notes, especially in the lower mid range and bass where many smaller, lesser speakers tend to bloom.  The note begins and ends just as it was intended to by the musician.  

Nothing is out of place and combines to a complete picture no matter how loud you play them - sorry neighbors!  

Wow!  Just took these for a test drive at Sevenoaks in Brighton on the back of a Cyrus 6vs2.

Tight tight tight bass - seriously tuneful in the lower registers.  Treble is sweet and silky not proving tiresome on any of the material I took with me for the demo.

Will take delivery of mine next wednesday along with a Cyrus 8vs2 for a bit of extra poke!!

Oh and they look gorgeous in oak!

So nice and good speakers - excelent!!!

Exceptional speakers',excellent value for q/p.Box excellent, balanced sound suitable for any music.High never bitter,medium hot and clear,powerful bass and clear.Used with a Luxman L-530 amp and CD player Pioneer PD-D9 MKII-K, I'm excited!

I have these set up with a Yamaha RX-V765, a Panasonic DMP-BD60, and 37" Panny plasma. The receiver, TV and blu-ray are all connected with HDMI, and decent, but not high end, speaker cables to the RX6s. This set-up costs less than €2.500,-, including cables, but the performance is stellar! And that is without bi-wiring or bi-amping, which I may try out later (so far the performance is so good I've decided to keep as is). The Yamaha has a "Pure Direct" mode that is superb with music, and these speakers compare favourably to speakers I have heard at three times the price. Highly recommended!

I work in this field and was blown away the instant I came across these speakers. They are so versatile in every aspect of music and sound and they sound simply stunning! Straight out of the box from work I was stunned, even cold these speakers delivered such an immersive sound that surrounded me with colour and silky tones. Listening to Jamiroquai was unbelievable feels so good has never felt so good!! Now they are run-in in my house words simply cannot describe. Give these a listen!

how punchy are these


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