Marantz NA7004

Tested at £430

A formidable streamer aided by a fine price. Up there with the best at the money


Guys,can you tell me does Marantz play 24 bit/192khz.

Thanks !


No, hifi381 – only up to 96kHz in FLAC, and only up to 48kHz in other formats.



The review incorrectly mentions a free control device for Android devices. The Android app is not compatible with the NA7004 (but only with the new 2012 models)

I have used my tuner (Marantz NA7004) for a couple of years playing "radio" stations on t'net. Today the tuner picked up another update again from t'net. The tuner is allways connected to t'net when running. Today is October 6th 2012 just in case you wondered.

Hi everyone,

I have just bought the na7004 and am wondering, to control it is just via the remote or free app? I wondered whether Marantz have a website that recognizes it connected to the various libraries? The reason I ask is because the app is useless but also the slow use of a remote control doesn't appeal to me either.  Any ideas?

Thanks very much.

Just to mention my Merantz NA7004 has picked up another firmware update from the web. Question what did the boffins twiddle with?

It appears the "replies to" are being switched around

I have now been using the Marantz NA7004 fo two months now. I did not have any problems until I started to use the computer network facility to the Server. Then things get very mind bending. As the server can go into sleep mode I have to remember to wake it up and spin up the hard drives (the WIN-XP computers do not need that, its automatic). Now back to the Marantz as the server is up and awake! I found even a network switch (Netgear GS116) can go asleep! I re-routed the Marantz direct to the router (D-Link DIR-655) and made sure the server (Netgear ReadyNAS DUO RND2000 V2) was plugged direct into the router, thus bypassing the sleepy switch problem. I powered off and then back on the Marantz at the power plug to force reboot (no the front panel "on/standby" switch does not do that). Then switch on with all up and running wait for two, yes 2 minutes for the marantz to talk to the server. Ah music.

Each part of the computerised LAN (local area network) added in its own interesting problems. Anyway I off listening to Beethoven Syphony No9 ripped to the server at 320kbps (assuming the origanal CD was of the quality). For the film/movie buffs "A Clockwork Orange".  finds me on t' 'net


I don't have a system or any components yet, but I'm thinking of buying & pairing Marantz NA7004 with Roksan K2 Integrated Amplifier... and connect them via Audiolab M-DAC.

If anyone could give me a feed back regarding this setup..


Does anyone else have a problem with this on a Network? I connect mine to my network via a switch. All other devices through the switch work fine but the NA 7004 is very temperamental. Sometimes it just won’t connect. When this happens the USB/iPod connection doesn’t work either.

It picks up an IP address from the router – but then stops working and goes back to the 1st stage of initialisation. A ping test from my PC reveals that it times out for about 10 seconds before starting again. The link and activity lights on the back also go out. I’ve tried static IP addresses as well but this does not help.

Reboot it. The front panel power switch does not do that. To force reboot kill the mains switch at the plug. Anyway read my post and see if it helps? I had hell for a while getting the boxes on the LAN to talk with each other. It works now.

Hi Iains, I seem to identical issue, got my Na7004 on thurs (23rd) due to the price drop, seems like a bargain given the reviews. Connected to router via Ethernet switch and when playing off my nas find it can lock up. 

I resorted to switching it off and removing the power and this seem to "fix" so will monitor performance over next few days, including AirPlay.

Once it plays though I'm very impressed


Thanks lxd55. Mine doesnt so much lock as simply reset when it gets to displaying radio stations or music servers (my ping test shows it timing out at this stage and then obviously the dreaded reset), it even resets when i try to play from my USB stick. Interestingly the network link resets at the same time even though I would have thought this has nothing to do with the USB/iPod connection. I have a cambridge audio NP30 sitting alongside it and this works perfectly so I'm not sure what the problem is with the marantz - and this is the second model I have had with the same problem - SevenOaks were excellent in sending me a quick replacement. Marantz technical support could only suggest changing the cable, but I've tried several and besides this is NOT a cable problem.

No the cables OK. Its the firmware running inside the Marantz Foot in mouth

Just replaced my aging Audiolab CD player with this... and its changed the way I listen to music.


The interface is fluid and intuative, and of course the sound is fantastic!


Highly recommended!

I've read elsewhere that it does not have FLAC gapless playback! I think such thinks should be mentioned in the review, it's a huge drawback for a hifi system.

You are correct.  No gapless.  Not exactly hi-fi if the distortion approaches 100%... Tongue out 

It's a pity that the device has no wifi capaiblity ... my computer is two rooms away from where my a/v amplifier resides and there's no way I'm going use a 20m ethernet cable to connect the two devices.

I shall continue using my XBOX 360 which is connected my a/V amp via digital output.  Fortuantely using my Apple MAC I'm able stream songs from iTunes library to my XBOX 360. The sound quality is pretty decent to boot. As I own a white XBOX 360, the noise generated by the games console can sometimes be heard during quiet passages of any music but the set-up is very painless and most of all cheap!


With WiFi around here drop outs are common, I like the hard wired way and the band width is wider. If you cannot get a WiFi adaptor (another maker) to fit try "home plug" for putting the data down the mains wiring. However it may cause radio interference and drop out of DAB, FM and forget AM after "home plug".

One simple question - does it play tracks gaplessly? 

All this discussion about lossless codecs is irrelevant if gaps are introduced where they do not exist between tracks on the original media. 

Edit: Oh - and why are these posts all dated Mon, Nov 8 2010, 10:00AM ?  It's now the middle of April!

The marantz only connects via the LAN to the Intranet and a correct server. While the Marantz is hard wired, once on a network it can use the WiFi of the attached router or range extender. The router will connect the LAN to the WAN (Intranet to Internet)

Notes (oh why oh why have multiple names for the same object?) rough jargon buster.

LAN = Local area network, like the spegetti around your home, home network, the Intranet. Local as "in house"

WAN = wide area network, wires going down your road/street/other to a pole or cabinate, the Internet. Around the Earth.


As London transport, "mind the gap"


 I would also like to know the answer to this.


Also, the touch has a very visual remote control (the duet controller if you have one, or any smartphone with squeezebox apps). 


How does the remote on the Marantz work? Does it work through the home internet like the squeezebox devices?

"I think you should have used one of Linn's rock / jazz or something uptempo standard-res FLAC files to test."

As part of the testing we used a wide range of content, including tracks from Linn and other download services, and encoded in a variety of formats.

Kristof: Naim UnitiQute, Arcam Solo Neo, Marantz M-CR603, etc...

As Malcolm Steward said, the Linn Majik DS-I is higly discriminating of ripping software for the same music. My own experience is that WAV rips from EAC sounds a bit harsh than playing the same CD using my laptop (and I had AccurateRip verified bit-perfect rips).

I would wager the same with the Marantz. I'm far from convinced that music ripping is an exact science - AccurateRip, EAC or not.

For whatever reason, FLAC does not seem to sound that harsh (then again is that due to the media player? I was using Songbird software - from the Firefox browser company). AIFF ripped in iTunes also seems good.

I think you should have used one of Linn's rock / jazz or something uptempo standard-res FLAC files to test.

I have the Logitech Squeezebox Touch plugged into my HiFi for internet radio streaming (especially BBC Radio 3 320AAC).

Would the Marantz be an audible step up from this ?



What is exactly meant by "but all-in-one alternatives offer more"?  What are these all-in-one alternatives?

How this device does compare to cheaper media players that they also have audio capabilities and true is quite extensive as the Lacy Lacinema etc?

Thank you for the interesting review.

Am I right to expect that NA7004 is able to connect to any device within a home network, i.e. also computers wirelessly connected to a router? In that case, wireless port within NA7004 seems redundant.

Could you compare the quality of NA7004's DAC to "budget" external DACs such as DacMagic or rDAC?


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