Linn Sneaky Music DS

Tested at £995

A startling departure from Linn, but a brilliantly realised one, too. This is a genuine alternative to a CD player


From the last paragraph of the review: "Additionally, it doesn't come with a control interface, but that‚s not necessarily a huge issue: it can be controlled by any offboard UPnP third-party device, such as the HP iPAQ PDA (yours for less than £200) that came supplied with our review sample."

To elaborate: you could simply drive it via your PC in one local zone (say, your desktop) using Linn's software and your PC's display.

However, if you want multiroom control, the easiest way is using any UPnP AV 1.0 control point, like an iPAQ. Alternatively you can link into a Linn Knekt or other third-party multiroom system.

For more info, the Linn forum is good: try and access the specific Sneaky Music DS section.

So how do you control it?

Is it just a UPnP MediaRenderer?

Can it access samba shares?

Interesting review, thanks.  I think its excellent that Linn are offering 4 options with this technology and the way it has embraced an open approach to connectivity, storage and file formats is both commendable and refreshing.  Allowing the specialists to get on with hard disks, networking etc. makes sense and Linn can concentrate on sound quality.

At the dealer demo I had set up for me, the Sneaky was somewhat underwhelming and was out performed by Linn's own Akurate CD player (£4k ish), not so much from a detail perspective, but most definitely from a musical perspective.  Step up the the £1700 Majik DS and its a very different story, with the DS comprehensively out performing the CD player in everyway.  Impressive.

If you've got the ability to go for an Akurate DS or Klimax DS, then you'll be listening to pretty much the best source material out there.


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