Denon D-M37DAB

Tested at £300

The Denon D-M37DAB has now been replaced by the D-M38DAB. Everything about this system is top drawer.



I think Richer Sounds were doing the D-M37 with Tannoys as a deal at one point, but not sure if they still do.

A quick Google search should throw up the latest offers.

Told my mum to get this with the Q Acoustics 1010 speakers - £269.00 with free delivery from Super Fi.

Set it up for her with QED silver anniversary cable and ...... WOW!

Great system!

This little system is unbelievable value for money and every bit proper hi-fi.  Rhythmic, detailed, and with plenty of depth the sound is superb, particularly through Tannoy F1 Customs which play to every one of the Denon's strengths.  Build quality is every bit as good as you would expect from Denon. Presents a very credible and serious challenge to the best budget seperates and is considerably more musical and engaging than most of them.  You soon forget the hi-fi and enjoy the music, which is what it is all about.  Stunning.

Unfortunately I need to point out one issue with the DM37DAB.  Although my comments stills stand, the more I've used this system the more I've become irritated by the volume control.  It is of the digital type and the increments between each position are too big.  It can be very difficult to set a comfortable volume level.  Often you find that, for example, 11 is too quiet but 12 is too loud.  There is also a discernable difference in tonal quality.  For me, sadly, its a deal breaker and the unit is going back.  What a shame that something which would have been so easy for Denon to get right, lets down an otherwise stunning little unit.

Had mine for less than 2-months and still as thrilled as when I first unboxed it and set it up. Got it for £266 with Tannoy F1 customs (bargain or what!) and added Chord Carnival SilverScreen cable. Sound is just amazing for such a small unit (even more so now I've added Soundstyle Z2ii speaker stands) and the build quality is truly first class, except for the speaker connections. They are a binding post/banana plug design which is where I have a real issue. If you prefer banana plugs then I guess there isn't a problem, but for bare wire connection they are EXTREMELY fiddly, plus the fixing screw is made of plastic and so it is almost impossible to get a truly tight fit. Just as bad, the base of the terminal post is surrounded by a plastic collar which means you can't use spade connectors which I much prefer to use. Apart from that, perfect!

I have to agree with Matthew on the point of the volume increments; it IS irritating. Mine is a bedroom system where, argueably, volume control is at it's most critical. Annoying as it is I have learned to live with it; I'm not saying that you should have to but it's still a thrilling bit of kit.

Does any know what colours they come in?

Perfect crystal clear sound... BUT, but very bad headphones out, with drone at silent parts of music. the drone is audible just on setting the system power on = do somebody face same problem?

I am using this all in one system now,i bought a pair of  monitor br1 speakers,and QED silver cable,this system is very suitable for me ,and the sound is quite safetified for me (in a small flat,cause i am a student),the sound not very warm,is suitable for some soft music,not the rock or metal.Anyway that's a very good all in one system.

Read what people have already said below: the "Tannoy F1 Customs which play to every one of the Denon's strengths"

Black or silver.

Just recieved mine and i was surprised how small it was.

Its a great bit of kit and sound quality is great

and the base rocks.

Im well chuffed with it.

Will put it through its paces in the next few days.

Before purchase at RicherSounds, I listened to one at Curry's, but did not like sound quality (oppressive lower middle frequency) - I figured it was the Denon speakers. Now having bought it with Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom speakers, on a trial basis, I can report that it's superb in sound quality.

DAB setup is obscure in the manual.

Further to my comment on December 29, 2008, sound quality lacked deep base, so added a sub woofer: 'Gale Storm 8' - now it is superb.

Further to my comment on December 29, 2008, sound quality lacked deep bass, so added a sub woofer: 'Gale Storm 8' - now it is superb.

I Bought this micro system in december 2008.

I am more than satisfied, must even say it is the first time I am really satisfied. I have had a complete DENON, NAD and TECHNICS system with separate components and much more expensive. Of cource those separate systems were able to play much louder and did sound good, but the sound that this little D-M37 are able to delivery are fantastic. It sounds like a much bigger and more expensive system and with greath low, middle and high tones in perfect balance. I have no doubt, I can only give my best recommendation of this D-M37.

Fantastic micro system for the price. Great sound especially with Dali Lektor 1 speakers (optional).

Highly recommended and it sounds as good as the new Teac Ref 380 system costing £500.

Hi Biffer

I've just bought a Denon DM37DAB and a pair of Dali Lektor 1 speakers and the sound is crystal clear. Want to add a sub for a bit of low end punch but don't want to shake the walls as my house is modern and walls are made of paper. I am thinking of getting the Gale Storm 8 but want to know if it has a frequency filter level so that I can integrate it with my system ? I'm also looking at the Tangent EVO E8 and the Epos ELS subs . Any thoughts or advice would be welcome.

Just purchased this system for £234 with the Denon speakers; which I thought was a real bargain.

I am not disappointed. At the moment I'm listening to Reactivate 10 Techno CD, and I am amazed at the amount of power and quality this little system has.

Sounds great on headphones too.


One word - wow! This little system is small but mighty!

First things first, ditch the 'ding dong' door bell speaker cable it comes with. I upgraded to Gale Symphony 400 immediately.

Now to the sound. Clear, detailled, measured, refined.It really does put some bigger 'separate' systems to shame. Any vocal/piano/guitar accoustic track is just breath taking. It does the more bassy stuff too, but can (sometimes) get a little overbearing, but I do have it in a small bedroom.

The DAB is great - I'm not in a DAB area per se but picks it up well. Its better than FM, but still quite obviously 'radio' (in my opinion, a bit 'flat' in tone.)

Criticism? None really, except the headphone jack is a bit hissy.But I didn't buy it to listen through headphones, If I want to do that I whip the i-pod off the dock (well worth it for a good connection and for flicking between tracks - it does work with touch 2nd gen) and listen to it that way.

Overall - I'm impressed. Ok, really impressed. It rips strips off most 'micro' systems and is definately worth the few extra quid.

Genghis, I run the Lektor's with this system too. Great setup. Have you found yourself a subwoofer yet?

Sizzers and Kris1345 where did you get your unit and speaker combos for such a great price?

Can anyone tell me what are the definitive speakers to use with this system?

Ive seen a refurbished unit for �150! yoink!

Bought the Denon a few months ago. Now recently changed the LS for the Wharfedale Diamond 10.2. After some warming up for the 10.2's last week this combination rocks! Just played Chris Jones "Roadhouses and Automobiles", it's exceptional for this price (450+290 euro's). Many thanks to WHF for pointing this Denon out!

Now please test this combo, it's almost magic?!

Just to make sure that no one is missing this. Please do not forget to set `SP Optimise` to the OFF position (manual page 24) when using other LS with the DM 37. Makes a LOT of difference in the lower freqs.

Boy!!!!! what a system, i got myself the Denon and Tannoy F1 Customs speakers and boy!!! she can sing. I had to get rid of my last system (Nad 352 ct amp, Arcam cd73t cd player, Denon Dab 1800 turner, B&W 602 s3 speakers, Yamaha 1500 HDD player, Chord co odessye 2 speaker cable, Atlas Equator phone leads) to make room, i was gutted and after a year without a hifi system the rot was starting to set in. So after reading What HI-FI mag i got a Denon Dm-37 without the speakers and a pair of the Tannoys customs add some Chord Carnival SilverScreen cable and well What can you say. Who needs spearate's when the Denon, Tannoy combo sound this good!!.

Where is the best place to get a good deal on the DM37DAB with Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom speakers.



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