Denon AVR-1909

Tested at £500

The Denon may no longer be a five-star product, but it remains talented enough to warrant serious consideration


I don't understand your anger, Livers  - you've got an excellent AV amp in the Denon,and when we first tested it, the AVR-1909 was a class-leader.

However, all our testing is comparative, and since that test the Denon is facing new competition in the shape of the Sony 2400ES and the Yamaha 863 (the latter originally an £800 amp). We feel both of those amps are slightly superior to the Denon, hence the star-rating change.

It doesn't make the Denon a bad AV amp - far from it! - but in comparison with the Sony and Yamaha, we feel the Denon suffers slightly.

There is no way we could have predicted how (at that time) non-existent products would compare when we rated the Denon  back in the summer.

No go and enjoy your superb surround sound amp!

Bought this as my first AV reciever, simple to set up and sounds so goood! Partnered it with KEF 1005.2 and a PS3, I couldn't be more pleased and impressed I will def be reccomending this to others.

Well, I spent my money and I'm happy with the results. I certainly won't be using reviews from this site to choose any more products though, very unreliable. How can you sing the praises of a product one month and then point out its faults a few months later knowing you've swayed people's decisions? I would have thought an 'expert' would spot them instantly? Isn't that the point of the review to tell us mere mortals the difference between good and bad? Argue all you want but I've lost respect for this site and will stick to the others in future.

Mine's replaced a Yamaha DSP-A5, and my how things have moved on in the last 8 years!

Wow, that is consistant...recommend products as 5* and then drop the recommendation a few issues later.  I think the Yamaha sounds bright compared to the Denon.  To each his own.

I was a little shocked to see the 5stars become 4, too, but as always, reviewing the musical equipement is difficult. Objectivity is the key word, but defining how something sounds or works is still a personal opinion. I also red the 5star review, before actualy checking out the 1909. And I bought it too! Now, seeing the rating drop to 4 star was at first a scare, but after watching another movie, it just didn't hit me anymore. For me, it's still a 5star receiver, with all the features I could ever dream of!

But one question to the reviewers: what speakers did you use while testing this denon?

Since I'm planning to buy a set, all advice is more than welcome!

no way does the sony 2400es sound better then denon 1909. Yamaha being an £800 amp probably does sound better. Sony is way too bright and sounds to cold and feels like it lacks power when driving any decent speakers. I really want to be a reviewer for What hi fi. What Hi Fi if you are listening Im your man give me a job.

Sounds great just got one last Friday, I was going for the yamaha but due to this review of the year it seems to be out of stock every where, so it was between this and the Sony, I have had sony products before, and Denon and in my opinion the Denon is better made, and even a sound engineer who makes his own equipment said the Denon is better,Maybe Sony and Yamaha advertise more in w,hifi who knows,all the guys in the shop said Denon was better to, its the Same with the TV,The panasonic is much better value with freesat and 2 inches bigger than the Sony and a better picture. however the Sony has an amazing picture for a lcd.I went for the Pana:)Its all personal preferance I paid £349 for the Denon and thats nearly half the price of the Yamaha.

considering you can get the 1909 for under £300 now, would it warrant the extra star for price/quality ratio??

Hello from Canada

I don't understand how a reviewer can compare two products that are so differently priced. At twice the Denon’s price, the Yamaha should be more capable.

I still purchased the denon last week regardless of the star stripping. I listened to the yam in my local shop and too, thought it sounded too bright. I paid 295 for mine so can't help in thinking i got something of a bargain. I've recently completely changed my set up. I had a pioneer vsx417 hooked up to some yamaha nsp110's. Hmmm. Ive hooked my denon to some tannoy sfx 5.1's.I paid 145 for the 5.1 kit but cant find a review anywhere. Anyone help???

After buying a new Toshiba 42"  Res+ LCD this is next on my list. I have a panasonic BD-35 blu ray player..what is the 1080p denon upscaling like compared to the pana ? can you switch between the 2?

I bought a 1909 there the other day. Have to say that my first impression was good but now leaning towards major frustration. Frustration at the manual which was obviously written by an engineer and not an end user. The remote is a joke the way its designed. I',m in the business of broadcast and i could do a better job.

They could have provided an easy 5 pager to get set up.

I still cannot get the sound from the TV through to the amp. Its a new TV , 37LG7000 with optical out.

Hi I recently bought the Denon AV1909 great kit. Iam currently using the Tannoy Customs (5.1) which I have had for about 10 months now, Wanted to replace the front speakers (mercury F4 customs) with either the B&W 684's or a set of Dali Lektor 6 . could someone help me out which would go best?

Budget £700-800

this av reciever is the dogs all round and (for the price) I've got mine hooked up 2 a 5.1 mordaunt short genie package and my pioneer PDPSX-4280D Pioneer! all i can say is wow. if your having problems check out another site they have a denon's owner thread with all the info you might need to get it up2 scratch.


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