Chord Electronics Chordette Gem

Tested at £399

It's great to see a specialist hi-fi company try something different. The Chordette Gem is a fine product



To Chebby -  Surely the £35 Bluetooth 'dongle' attached must affect the sound from an iPod a bit?

I do no agree with the statement "Chord isn't aiming it at the hi-fi enthusiast who wants to upgrade an old CD player or buy a competitively priced two boxer. No, the Gem's target market is laptop and music phone users."

I have listened to the same setup at the same place

with Chordette and a Rega Saturn CD Player. I have to say Chordette was more dynamic, had a deeper stage and more detail. It is more practical than using a CD player, it can play anything that your computer can (flac, wav, mp3, even studio masters). If you are considering to buy a CD player, give Chordette a try and then decide. If you are not satisfied with the connection options and willing to pay more for more, take a look at Chord QBD76.

... and via USB it sounds fantastic! Highly recommended.

teh downside is lack of coax and optical ins.

Got the Gem yesterday from Santa.

connection is easy and reliable. No drop-outs normally (within 6-7m at least in direct line of site), however if you do some heavy tasks (e.g. lots of internet browsing or go throgh long lists in music library onth ipod while streaming) there can be dropouts or ipod can drop the connection entirely or crash the app, but this is not the problem of the Gem.

My impressions on sound (bluetooth from ipod touch, high bitrates and apple lossless):

Excellent highs and mids

Low end is not as good. The bass is a bit smudgy/boomy.

Overall quite happy as convenience helps to overlook the bass downside.


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