Beyerdynamic T1

Tested at £880

Best home on-ear headphones £800+, Awards 2010. A stunning pair of headphones that dig deeper into the recording than anything else we’ve heard at this price level


What! better than the Grado's?

I listened/auditioned so many headphones, including top of line Grado, Sennheiser, Denon, etc, and ended up with Beyer T1s. I love them.  Driving them through the matching Beyer A1 amp is transparent, fast, dynamic with just enough warmth/liquidity.  The sound was the most organic and non-digital.  Sounded the most like listening to vinyl.  It reminded me of the speed and presence and natural sound of listening to Magneplanar speakers.  And, unlike everything I've now read in user reviews elsewhere, I thought the sound stage and imaging were better in the T1s than in the HD800s.  I really perceived separation of instruments and location, and sensed space inbetween. Not that the sound stage was bigger than the others, but more naturally defined and discernable.  Everything about the T1 felt natural, organic, musical and coherent.  And not veiled like my HD650s.  The HD800s were not veiled, but the upper treble was harsh at times.  The T1s were not veiled, but in a smoother fashion than the HD800s. The other day I put on a high-end vinyl pressing on my vinyl rig (basis turntable with vector4 arm and benz micro LP-S cartridge thru a Herron phono preamp) and was amazed at how much detail and nuance I was hearing thru the A1 and T1 combo, and it remained musical not clinical.  Just as the What HiFi reviewer wrote -- this combo, with an absence of room acoustic issues, gets you quickly into the recording and all the detail that is there.  I am very appreciative that Beyerdynamic designed and brought to market two really musical and high-end products in the A1 and T1.

Are these headphones better or worse than the new Grado PS1000 in terms of sound quality?

They are clearly much lighter but that's not the point I guess Smile


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