Arcam Solo

Tested at £1295

Great performance and convenience in one good-looking unit


I bought a Arcam Solo based on the excellent reviews it had received.  Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations.  In my opinion it fell short of the true hi-fi standards the reviews had led be to expect. In fact I could hear only a minisicule improvement over the Denon mini system I use in my office (which cost a third of the price). Buy only if you really do need a 'mini' system and even then compare with cheaper systems before you part with your cash.


Ths is a super system. Ideal for someone who wants simplicity without skimping on quality. Solid and with every detail geared for sound and ease of use.

I am not intereted in feeding different wiring and interconnects between separates and the additional cost, hassle etc.

Arcam have done a good job here and the sound is awesome.

Rocks !!

I considered this all-in-one system because I live in a small house. But before buying it, I had a listening at a dealer and compared it with a Rotel amp and CD-player RCD 06 (and a pair of Totem Mite speakers). First I played a couple of songs on the Rotel combo, then switched to the Arcam Solo and within seconds it's clear the Arcam falls way short. The Arcam immediately sounds "thin" and out of balance in comparison. Tempted by the review of specialists, but the best specialists are attached to either side of my head.


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