Apple iPhone 3G

Tested at £349

The new iPhone improves on its near-perfect predecessor, and at this price, Apple is on its way to taking over the world of mobile phones in the same way it did MP3 players


how is the sonic quality compared to standalone mp3 players (either apple iPod or anything else)?

The screen is beautiful, the subtle new look makes it feel very special, the inclusion of 3G is a good addition (albeit not capable of 3G video calling)

However, this device still continues to fall far, far short in many areas.

If you are hunting for a new phone, you may find the iPhone 3G hard to resist with its sleek buttonless looks, but use your head not your heart, before signing that contract, as once the initial WOW factor starts to fade, all that you are left with, is a bare bones phone with excellent music and video features.

However, if music & video, wifi and upto 16GB storage are your main priority for wanting the iPhone 3G it makes a great investment.

OOOOOHHHHHHHH I want one (16Gb White) Please Santa (getting in early).

Apple have made the same mistake, an item that every one wants and a void on supply. The only people who are happy are the few who got them and the scammers making 300 per cent profit on ebay.

I have tried to get one no joy but the scammers are already selling on ebay!!!!!!!!!

I'm quite happy with V2.0 software.

Was lucky enough to get one, though had to wait 3 hours on regent street for it. Love it! As someone who thought he'd never like something like this and was of the opinion that "a phone is just for making calls", I've used pretty much every feature on it today. Get one! They said they had loads in the apple store so there's no excuse!

I have been deliberating for a few weeks whether to buy the iPhone 8G or the new Samsung Omnia. I have read just about every review going,and hopefully I have chosen wisely and will be getting the iPhone. Why? Its all come down to looks,they both have more or less the same features apart from the 5mp Camera on the Omnia, but the iPhone is so gorgous! Have I chosen wisely? I live in Portugal and it costs 249 euros with a 2 yr Vodafone contract. Not as cheap as UK!


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