Toshiba 32EL933B

Tested at £280

It's a solid-performing TV, yet it's hard to find a USP for this Toshiba


Wow, I’m so glad I came here before making a purchase. I’ve been on the market for a new TV for a while now, and since I made the mistake of rushing into an HDTV purchase in the past, I wanted to do some research before making the plunge.. I Work at DISH and a coworker of mine recommended your site to me as a great place to get unbiased info on TVs; looks like I owe him lunch! See, I just upgraded my family to the DISH Hopper, which gives us HD to four different TVs, and we wanted to fully take advantage of it. My in-laws moved in a few months back, and there have been problems missing TV shows due to DVR timer conflicts because with only three TVs, we weren’t running the Hopper to its potential. Having the Hopper hooked up to a fourth set will make all the difference, but I guess I’ll need to keep looking. Thanks again for the info!



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