Acoustic Energy 301

Tested at £425

The 301s are terrific speakers and the most competitive Acoustic Energy speakers we've heard in years


I've just got a pair of these and I have to say the WHF reveiw is spot on. These are truly brilliant speakers, not just brilliant for the money but brilliant full stop. 

To the person comparing them with the MA RX2's, well I have had the RX1's and found the bass response to be rather exaggerated which improved with putting the bungs in, but bungs are never an ideal solution imo as you tend to lose a bit of openess in the process, not good.

I would definitely choose the 301's over the MA's as they are open & detailed yet smooth to listen to, they kick like a mule when required and are as expressive and downright musical as any speaker as I have ever had, and that includes some up to 5 times the price.

Well done AE for producing a speaker this good for so little money. One word... Awesome!

Hello! In your MA RX1 review, you claim that the AE 301 are more flexible, but compared to RX2, which speaker is more detailed or balanced? Both MA RX2 and AE 301 can be had for the exact same price now.Positioning 10 cm from the rear wall with the bungs should not be a problem...

I think I'd still go for the 301s. They're agile and rhythmic in a way the RX2s aren't. But, much depends on the system and room you have.

Build quality and finish looks great.

How big a performance boost would I get upgrading from my MS902i's? themselves 5 star speakers a few years back (but in a lower price bracket).

Current amp is a Cambridge Audio 640A v2.


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