Technika 22-212i

Tested at £178

More than just a TV, this Technika all-in-one packs in plenty of features to represent good value


I have often wondered why magazines dont mention the service side of certain "Brands"

The consumer is never made aware that brands such as Alba, Bush, Wharfedale electronics, Grundig, TechniKa, Cello etc etc have absolutely no service back up in the UK whatsoever. They come in in bulk from china in pallets, and you just hope it doesnt break down.When the warranty expires and you need this stuff fixed : Tough! 

I bought a Grundig TV from Ebay, and the set packed in after 3 months. The ebay firm ceased trading and i called Grundig UK to get it fixed/swapped . They told me they were only an importer and couldnt do anything, even though the sticker on the TV confirmed it had been made only 7 months previously. They told me to sue Ebay! 

I now only buy panasonic, sony etc etc. At least they can help!


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