Speaker cables

QED Revelation

Beautifully balanced cable that's as at home with Busta Rhymes as it is with Beethoven - one of the best at this price level

Audio interconnects (digital)

QED Performance Graphite Optical

Best optical digital cable, Awards 2012. It's well made and robust, and tweaks have improved the sound

Speaker cables

QED Silver Anniversary XT

Our budget cable Award winner for three years in a row – need we say more?

Audio interconnects (digital)

QED Performance Coaxial

Best Buy Awards 2012. Impressive coaxial cable

Audio interconnects (analogue)

QED Audio 1

Good value, and sound is speedy and detailed, but the highest and lowest frequencies don't marry as well as they should

Audio interconnects (digital)

QED Qunex SR75

Slots into any price-appropriate system

Mains products

QED Qonduit

A worthy budget wire, and an effective upgrade for both video and audio kit

HDMI and video cables


The component video cable we’d buy

HDMI and video cables

QED Qunex HDMI-P (7m)

This cable can be bettered, but only by spending more money

HDMI and video cables

QED Qunex HDMI-P (5M)

One of our old favourite HDMI cables