Q Acoustics

Hi-fi speakers

Q Acoustics Concept 40

The Concept 40s build on the brand’s strengths to deliver a wonderfully inviting sound

Wireless speakers

Q Acoustics Q-BT3

Proper hi-fi sound from a feature-rich package that will boost TV, computer and streaming sound? Sounds like a winner to us

Style speaker packages

Q Acoustics Q7000i

Best style package £700-£1000, Awards 2013. Got £900 to spend on a sub/sat package? Spend it here

Hi-fi speakers

Q Acoustics Concept 20

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Looking for a pair of top class sub-£500 standmounters? Q Acoustics' Concept 20s could well be the answer

Hi-fi speakers

Q Acoustics 2050i

Best floorstander £400-£800, Awards 2013. Great value for money, with excellent refinement and great dynamic ability

Hi-fi speakers

Q Acoustics 2010i

An update makes the Q Acoustics 2010i a budget belter

Hi-fi speakers

Q Acoustics 2020i

Best stereo speaker up to £200, Awards 2013. The original was good, but the ‘i’ modifications make it something of a star

Speaker packages

Q Acoustics 2000I 5.1 pack

Best traditional package up to £700, Awards 2013. A great system for stereo and multichannel duties.

Style speaker packages

Q Acoustics Q7000

Still an attractive buy, but falls short on power and detail

Hi-fi speakers

Q Acoustics 2050

Adept at making even the poorest of recordings easy to swallow, the Q Acoustics 2050s are great at filling large spaces with their smooth, bassy sound