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06 November 2014

Simple Audio Roomplayer+

A crucial update to the original Roomplayer, and a worthy contender, but it faces cheaper, more impressive competitors
05 November 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Big on specs and on performance, the Note 4 is the best big-screen phone yet
04 November 2014

Toshiba 32D3454DB

A do-it-all TV that’s let down by a so-so performance

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03 November 2014

Sony KD-65S9005B

Smarter, more stylish and a better performer than the average 4K TV
31 October 2014

Apple iPad Air 2

You can’t get better than this. If you’re looking for a tablet, the iPad Air 2 is the one to...
30 October 2014

BenQ W1070+

A superb budget projector that delivers subtlety and excitement in spades
29 October 2014

Pure Jongo

Not the ultimate in sound quality, but Jongo wins us over with its peppy character
28 October 2014

Polaroid 3-32-LED-14

Polaroid delivers another tempting package with a decent picture and smart offering for a giveaway price
27 October 2014

Beyerdynamic DX160 iE

Another pair of strong headphones from Beyerdynamic. If you’re after a smooth, weighty sound, these will do nicely.