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  1. Teufel Consono 15

    Teufel Consono 15

    Reviewed on 14th March 2011
    Price when reviewed £140

    The price of the Teufel Consono 15 might be tempting, but unfortunately you get what you pay for

  2. Teufel Motiv 3

    Teufel Motiv 3

    Reviewed on 2nd June 2010
    Price when reviewed £460

    We like this Teufel system for its undoubted ability, but we'd like it to be a tad cheaper as well

  3. Teufel LT 3

    Teufel LT 3

    Reviewed on 11th May 2009
    Price when reviewed £944

    In its quest for excitement Teufel's delivered a sound that's just a bit too hard and lean