1. Sony XDR-S16

    Sony XDR-S16

    Cheerfully retro sound, hefty and attacking sound

    Our rating
  2. Sony XDR-S10

    Sony XDR-S10

    If retro looks are your thing you'll like this Sony's styling, but we couldn't get on with its congested sound

    Our rating
  3. Sony XDR-C705DAB

    Sony XDR-C705DAB

    It won’t surprise many to learn that this Sony clock/radio is a cut above its nominal competitors

    Our rating
  4. Sony ICF-C414 Clock Radio
    Available from £51.67
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  6. Sony XDR-C706DBP Clock Radio
    Available from £57.95
  7. Sony ICF-C218 Clock Radio
    Available from £14