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  1. Sony NWZ-A15

    Sony NWZ-A15

    Reviewed on 14th November 2014
    Price when reviewed £170

    A good way to get into high-resolution music

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  2. iBasso DX50

    iBasso DX50

    Reviewed on 23rd July 2014
    Price when reviewed £200

    Enjoyable and affordable way to listen to hi-res audio, but not the last word in sound quality and barely the first in ergonomics

  3. Cowon Z2

    Cowon Z2

    Reviewed on 23rd October 2012
    Price when reviewed £200

    A great music player with good sound and flexible storage

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  4. Apple iPod Nano 8GB

    Apple iPod Nano 8GB

    Reviewed on 9th December 2011
    Price when reviewed £115

    Ultra-portable, sounds superb but still a tad pricey

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  5. Apple iPod Nano (4G)

    Apple iPod Nano (4G)

    Reviewed on 7th December 2010
    Price when reviewed £160

    The new Apple nano is an improvement on the old in some ways, but it's not the all-rounder that we'd like it to be

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  7. Sony NWZ-A845

    Sony NWZ-A845

    Reviewed on 14th May 2010
    Price when reviewed £120

    This smart little Sony is the best non-Apple portable device we've seen - even beating the all-powerful Nano in some key areas

  8. Philips GoGear Muse

    Philips GoGear Muse

    Reviewed on 18th March 2010
    Price when reviewed £140

    It's larger then your average MP3 player, and there are a few foibles for sure, but we really like this classy design from Philips

  9. Sony NWZ-S544

    Sony NWZ-S544

    Reviewed on 18th November 2009
    Price when reviewed £109

    Ignore the speakers on the Sony NWZ-S544 and it's a decent alternative to Apple's iPod nano

  10. Samsung YP-P3 (8GB)

    Samsung YP-P3 (8GB)

    Reviewed on 17th April 2009
    Price when reviewed £110

    Samsung has a another stab at the MP3 player market, but while this is certainly good, it fails to aspire to greatness

  11. Cowon S9

    Cowon S9

    Reviewed on 20th March 2009
    Price when reviewed £170

    Cowon’s moving in the right direction with its S9 MP3 player, but it still can’t quite match the class leaders