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  1. Pioneer BDP-LX58

    Pioneer BDP-LX58

    Reviewed on 2nd April 2015
    Price when reviewed £600

    If you're looking to make the leap from a budget Blu-ray player, the Pioneer BDP-LX58 should definitely be on your hitlist...

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  2. Pioneer BDP-LX88

    Pioneer BDP-LX88

    Reviewed on 4th March 2015
    Price when reviewed £1300

    A stellar movie performance, but its stereo performance and lack of streaming apps let it down

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  3. Pioneer BDP-160

    Pioneer BDP-160

    Reviewed on 5th February 2014
    Price when reviewed £120

    Pioneer has prioritised sensibly with the BDP-160, cutting back on features to focus on the picture and sound, and on keeping the price down

  4. Pioneer BDP-450

    Pioneer BDP-450

    Reviewed on 24th December 2012
    Price when reviewed £225

    A superb Blu-ray player from Pioneer that challenges the best in class

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  5. Pioneer BDP-LX55

    Pioneer BDP-LX55

    Reviewed on 9th February 2012
    Price when reviewed £350

    A welcome return to form for Pioneer

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  7. Pioneer BDP-LX52

    Pioneer BDP-LX52

    Reviewed on 28th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £550

    The Pioneer BDP-LX52 is well worth the cash if your budget can stretch to it

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  8. Pioneer BDP-320

    Pioneer BDP-320

    Reviewed on 12th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £400

    With the BDP-320 Pioneer really has set a high standard, which bodes well for the other players in its range

  9. Pioneer BDP-LX91

    Pioneer BDP-LX91

    Reviewed on 16th March 2009
    Price when reviewed £2000

    Pioneer’s BDP-LX91 Blu-ray player is one of the best you can buy. An exceptional advert for the beauty of the Blu-ray format

  10. Pioneer BDP-LX08

    Pioneer BDP-LX08

    Reviewed on 13th January 2009
    Price when reviewed £700

    The Pioneer BDP-LX08 has unquestionable credentials, but the slimline design isn’t enough to justify the price premium over Pioneer’s cheaper Blu-ray

  11. Pioneer BDP-51FD

    Pioneer BDP-51FD

    Reviewed on 20th December 2008
    Price when reviewed £350

    Pioneer's BDP-51FD Blu-ray player produces picture and sound quality that's way above its station

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