1. Philips MCI900

    Philips MCI900

    The Philips MCI900 may have striking looks but the musical delivery is unforgivably bland and soft

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  2. Philips NP2900

    Philips NP2900

    It's got a couple of flaws and missing features, but we can't help but like this new Streamium

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  3. Philips MCi500H

    Philips MCi500H

    The MCi500H can rip CDs to its 160GB hard disk, links to your wi-fi network for music streaming and internet radio, and delivers a big, bold sound

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  4. Philips WACS7500

    Philips WACS7500

    Promises much - CD player; FM radio; hard-disk music server; wireless distribution – but falls down on sonic performance

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