1. Nokia BH-905i

    Nokia BH-905i

    The Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headphones will work with almost any audio device

    Our rating
  2. Nokia BH-905

    Nokia BH-905

    There's no denying we like these over-ear Nokia's but bearing in mind their lack of apt-X and sky-high price, they struggle to keep up

    Our rating
  3. Nokia BH-504

    Nokia BH-504

    These Nokia cans will give you a wonderfully detailed sound that's clear and open - just don't expect too much bass

    Our rating
  4. Nokia BH604

    Nokia BH604

    As wireless headphones go, the Nokia BH604s are adequate enough, but don't get us excited

    Our rating
  5. Nokia BH-503 Headset

    Nokia BH-503 Headset

    Available from £19.45
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  7. Nokia BH-216 Bluetooth Earset
    Available from £27.4
  8. Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth Earset
    Available from £24.99