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  1. Naim Supernait 2

    Naim Supernait 2

    Reviewed on 31st January 2014
    Price when reviewed £2750

    The Supernait 2 is a terrific amplifier. It delivers a huge slice of Naim’s addictive sound at a still sensible price

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  2. Naim Nait 5si

    Naim Nait 5si

    Reviewed on 7th October 2013
    Price when reviewed £925

    Best stereo amplifier £800-£1500, Awards 2013. Dips in the rankings to make way for Rega’s Elex-R, but still a sub-£1000 superstar

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  3. Naim NAP 100

    Naim NAP 100

    Reviewed on 19th June 2013
    Price when reviewed £650

    Designed to partner the DAC-V1 DAC/preamp, the NAP 100 has much to offer anyone wanting a fine power amp in compact form

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  4. Naim NAC 152 XS

    Naim NAC 152 XS

    Reviewed on 25th January 2010
    Price when reviewed £975

    This Naim NAC 152 XS preamp from Naim certainly has its plus points, but when used with the partnering NAP 155 XS power amp they're not the last word

  5. Naim NAP 155 XS

    Naim NAP 155 XS

    Reviewed on 20th January 2010
    Price when reviewed £1115

    This Naim NAP 155 XS power amp is a fine performer, but it's not the last word in dynamics when used with the NAC 152 XS preamp

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  7. Naim Nait 5i

    Naim Nait 5i

    Reviewed on 1st September 2009
    Price when reviewed £850

    The Nait 5i is more than just a great introduction to the Naim brand; it’s an extremely musical amplifier

  8. Naim Nait XS

    Naim Nait XS

    Reviewed on 13th January 2009
    Price when reviewed £1495

    The Nait XS is as musically engrossing an amplifier as we've heard at this price point. It'll worry the class leaders

  9. Naim NAP 250

    Naim NAP 250

    Reviewed on 17th September 2008
    Price when reviewed £3050

    A superlative power amp' well worth the time and effort it takes to make it really sing. Magical

  10. Naim NAC252/Supercap

    Naim NAC252/Supercap

    Reviewed on 22nd July 2008
    Price when reviewed £9070

    Naim's NAC252 preamp is the perfect partner for its NAP250 power amp; combine them with the Supercap power supply to create a magical set-up

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  11. Naim Supernait

    Naim Supernait

    Reviewed on 11th September 2007
    Price when reviewed £2750

    The Supernait is arguably the most versatile amp Naim have come produced, a hefty price tag, with some sonic flaws, but still very impressive

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