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  1. NAD D 7050

    NAD D 7050

    Reviewed on 27th December 2013
    Price when reviewed £800

    The D 7050 is a clever design, but it’s up against some tough competition, not least its cheaper sibling

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  2. NAD D 3020

    NAD D 3020

    Reviewed on 10th October 2013
    Price when reviewed £400

    Best stereo amplifier up to £500, Awards 2013. A potential game changer. We hope other manufacturers take a brave-pill and produce amplifiers as in

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  3. NAD C390DD

    NAD C390DD

    Reviewed on 26th November 2012
    Price when reviewed £2250

    NAD’s novel thinking delivers a decent alternative to the established favourites

  4. NAD C356BEE DAC


    Reviewed on 19th January 2012
    Price when reviewed £695

    A great DAC added to an already established stereo amplifier

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  5. NAD C356BEE

    NAD C356BEE

    Reviewed on 14th September 2010
    Price when reviewed £615

    If you like your listening full-throttle, then this NAD amplifier is for you, but those who take things easier may find the C356BEE a touch taxing

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  7. NAD C275BEE

    NAD C275BEE

    Reviewed on 19th July 2010
    Price when reviewed £820

    If you're looking for a powerful but subtle amplifier, then the NAD C275BEE power amp, paired with the matching C165BEE preamp does the trick

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  8. NAD C165BEE

    NAD C165BEE

    Reviewed on 19th July 2010
    Price when reviewed £650

    This NAD preamp is best paired with the C275BEE power amp to create an amplifier that's got sonic muscle and subtlety to boot

  9. NAD C316BEE

    NAD C316BEE

    Reviewed on 14th June 2010
    Price when reviewed £240

    This NAD integrated amplifier is a great listen for the money, but it's just outclassed by some of its very close rivals

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  10. NAD C375BEE

    NAD C375BEE

    Reviewed on 5th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £1000

    The NAD C375BEE gives an average performance which doesn’t do quite enough to justify the price

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  11. NAD C326BEE

    NAD C326BEE

    Reviewed on 12th March 2009
    Price when reviewed £300

    NAD's C326BEE amp is a real gem, but only for those with a budget system

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