1. LG TA106DAB

    LG TA106DAB

    Great-looking LG micro falls short on sound

    Our rating
  2. LG BH9520TW

    LG BH9520TW

    'Wireless' LG is innovative and feature-packed

    Our rating
  3. LG BH8220B

    LG BH8220B

    Premium price tag, premium design and, mostly, premium performance

    Our rating
  4. LG HX906TX

    LG HX906TX

    Cracking picture and lots of smart features, but too many other flaws

    Our rating
  5. LG HX976TZW

    LG HX976TZW

    A superb all-in-one Blu-ray system if you are disinclined to invest in separates

    Our rating
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  7. LG HLX56S

    LG HLX56S

    It does everything well, but you can buy better sound for the cash

    Our rating
  8. LG HX906PA

    LG HX906PA

    The LG HX906PA is a Blu-ray system with talent

    Our rating
  9. LG HX995TZ

    LG HX995TZ

    This LG has its amplification in the subwoofer, and is a more then capable system. But, good though it is, we think there's better out there

    Our rating
  10. LG HB45E

    LG HB45E

    Bulky is certainly one word we'd use to describe this 2.1 system from LG, but style aside, there's much to like here despite some holes

    Our rating
  11. LG HB965TZ

    LG HB965TZ

    You have a choice, with the highly capable LG HB965TZ, of wall-mounting the speakers or using the stands provided

    Our rating