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  1. KEF Muo

    KEF Muo

    Reviewed on 14th September 2016
    Price when reviewed £300

    Best portable wireless speaker £200+, Awards 2015. Award-winner is still a great performer, but competitors have raised the bar

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  2. KEF R300

    KEF R300

    Reviewed on 6th November 2015
    Price when reviewed £1000

    Not the smallest standmounters on the planet, but if you can find the room, the R300s won't disappoint...

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  3. KEF EGG


    Reviewed on 6th October 2015
    Price when reviewed £350

    Best desktop speaker £200+, Awards 2015. KEF cracks it with these unique egg-shaped speakers.

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  4. KEF R100

    KEF R100

    Reviewed on 8th April 2014
    Price when reviewed £600

    Still great, but now overtaken by newer, stronger rivals

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  5. KEF X300A

    KEF X300A

    Reviewed on 15th August 2013
    Price when reviewed £600

    A niche design, but these KEF speakers will please some with their smooth, detailed sound

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  7. KEF LS50

    KEF LS50

    Reviewed on 4th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £800

    Best standmounter £400-£800, Awards 2013. Simply brilliant

  8. KEF Q700

    KEF Q700

    Reviewed on 1st March 2011
    Price when reviewed £1000

    First impressions are good for these imposing looking floorstanders, but it's soon apparent there's no low end discipline here

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  9. KEF Q300

    KEF Q300

    Reviewed on 12th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £450

    Fine, engaging standmounters, but not quite at the top anymore

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  10. KEF iQ10

    KEF iQ10

    Reviewed on 12th November 2008
    Price when reviewed £250

    From their gently curving cabinets to their intriguing UniQ tweeter/driver arrangement, from the standard of their build and finish to their confident

  11. KEF C5

    KEF C5

    Reviewed on 20th October 2008
    Price when reviewed £400

    We could talk at length about the C5s’ lack of outright dynamic heft, or their rudimentary grasp of timing. But our advice is simple: don’t spend £400