1. InFocus ScreenPlay 8604

    InFocus ScreenPlay 8604

    ScreenPlay's 8604 projector shines – but at a price premium

    Our rating
  2. InFocus SP8600

    InFocus SP8600

    The InFocus SP8600 promises a huge picture for less outlay

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  3. InFocus ScreenPlay SP8602

    InFocus ScreenPlay SP8602

    This new DLP provides a welcome return to form for InFocus since the award-winning IN80 back in 2008

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  4. InFocus X9

    InFocus X9

    With its X9, InFocus has produced a projector that's ideal for those pushed for both budget and space

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  5. InFocus IN122 Projector
    Available from £297.1
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  7. InFocus IN1112A Projector
    Available from £567.93
  8. InFocus IN1110A Projector
    Available from £540
  9. InFocus IN3118HD DLP Projector
    Available from £871.09
  10. InFocus IN5312 DLP Projector
    Available from £1446.98