1. Humax HDR-1000S/500GB

    Humax HDR-1000S/500GB

    Best Freesat recorder, Awards 2013. No match for YouView, but if you’re determined to go Freesat this is the best box

    Our rating
    Available from £194.99
  2. Humax Foxsat-HDR

    Humax Foxsat-HDR

    Best Freesat PVR, Awards 2010. If you're looking to take the plunge with Freesat, this is the way to do it – a great piece of kit

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  3. Humax Foxsat-HD

    Humax Foxsat-HD

    This stylish Freesat box certainly looks the part - and its user-friendly performance is equally impressive

    Our rating
  4. Humax HB-1000S Freesat HD
    Available from £74.99
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