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  1. Cambridge TVB2

    Cambridge TVB2

    Reviewed on 30th December 2015
    Price when reviewed £300

    Cambridge Audio exits its comfort zone for a crack at the budget soundbar

  2. Yamaha RX-V379

    Yamaha RX-V379

    Reviewed on 22nd October 2015
    Price when reviewed £289

    Best home cinema amp under £350, Awards 2015. This entry-level receiver is a great, affordable route into home cinema...

  3. Q Acoustics Media 4

    Q Acoustics Media 4

    Reviewed on 16th October 2015
    Price when reviewed £330

    Product of the Year, Awards 2015. Q Acoustics has taken its stereo speaker expertise and put it to great use

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  4. Canton DM 55

    Canton DM 55

    Reviewed on 30th September 2015
    Price when reviewed £330

    Best soundbase under £400, Awards 2015. Canton continues its record of building excellent-sounding, easy to use soundbases...

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  5. Sony STR-DN860

    Sony STR-DN860

    Reviewed on 3rd August 2015
    Price when reviewed £400

    Sony's done it again - this budget AV receiver offers sensational performance at an excellent price...

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  7. TechniSat Audio Master BT

    TechniSat Audio Master BT

    Reviewed on 18th June 2015
    Price when reviewed £350

    German newcomer masters the soundbase at its first attempt...

  8. Yamaha SRT-1000

    Yamaha SRT-1000

    Reviewed on 2nd June 2015
    Price when reviewed £300

    Packed full of features, Yamaha's first soundbase is a strong attempt at boosting tinny TV sound...

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  9. Cambridge Audio TV5

    Cambridge Audio TV5

    Reviewed on 7th May 2015
    Price when reviewed £250

    A better buy than ever – the budget soundbase market has a newfound champion

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  10. Bose Solo 15 Soundstage

    Bose Solo 15 Soundstage

    Reviewed on 30th April 2015
    Price when reviewed £400

    Bose delivers a soundbase for big TVs, but can it deliver good enough sound?

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  11. Onkyo LS-T30

    Onkyo LS-T30

    Reviewed on 21st April 2015
    Price when reviewed £350

    Designed for big-screen TVs, can the Onkyo shine in a highly competitive soundbase market?