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  1. Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1

    Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1

    Reviewed on 26th September 2013
    Price when reviewed £1650

    Best traditional package £1500-£2500, Awards 2014. Cambridge Audio has delivered an excellent 5.1 package that is as exciting, informative and seamless as we've heard for the money

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  2. B&W MT-60D

    B&W MT-60D

    Reviewed on 3rd April 2012
    Price when reviewed £1950

    Best style package £1800+, Awards 2014. This Bowers & Wilkins Home Theatre package is an impressive evolution - it ticks all our performance bo

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  3. DALI Fazon 3 5.1

    DALI Fazon 3 5.1

    Reviewed on 18th October 2011
    Price when reviewed £1725

    An articulate and exciting sounding surround speaker package. Best style speaker package £1200-£2000, Awards 2011

  4. KEF Q300 5.1

    KEF Q300 5.1

    Reviewed on 9th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £1880

    The hefty KEF Q300 5.1 system will give you no-compromise cinema sound

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  5. Jamo D500 THX Select 2

    Jamo D500 THX Select 2

    Reviewed on 11th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £1700

    Compact and conveniently priced, Jamo's latest THX package is an exceptional performer that should be auditioned

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  7. Monitor Audio R90HD12

    Monitor Audio R90HD12

    Reviewed on 23rd June 2010
    Price when reviewed £1675

    This surround package from Monitor Audio, is, like so many of its products, a simply styled but supremely capable system

  8. Mordaunt-Short Aviano 5.1

    Mordaunt-Short Aviano 5.1

    Reviewed on 23rd February 2010
    Price when reviewed £2000

    If your looking for an exciting listening, then the Aviano 5.1 package should fit the bill nicely, but we'd like a bit less muscle

  9. DALI Fazon 2

    DALI Fazon 2

    Reviewed on 29th September 2009
    Price when reviewed £1800

    This 5.1 speaker package is a real treat for your ears

  10. M&K M-7 system

    M&K M-7 system

    Reviewed on 21st November 2008
    Price when reviewed £1750

    Thrilling drive for such a small system; excellent rear speakers and subwoofer

  11. DALI Motif

    DALI Motif

    Reviewed on 18th February 2008
    Price when reviewed £1650

    Designed to see service in any of the five or seven positions in a multichannel set-up