1. Paradigm MilleniaOne/Seismic 110

    Paradigm MilleniaOne/Seismic 110

    Detailed and easy on the ear, but needs more punch

    Our rating
  2. B&W MT-60D

    B&W MT-60D

    Best style package £1800+, Awards 2014. This Bowers & Wilkins Home Theatre package is an impressive evolution - it ticks all our performance bo

    Our rating
  3. Ferguson Hill FH009

    Ferguson Hill FH009

    High-concept design proves beauty is only skin deep

    Our rating
  4. Jamo A407 HCS12

    Jamo A407 HCS12

    The Jamo A407 HCS12 formidable sound from a smart system, we’d just like a little more refinement to that top end

    Our rating
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  6. Onkyo LS-T10 TV Speaker System
    Available from £249