1. Yamaha RX-S600

    Yamaha RX-S600

    An excellent amp that sheds the pounds while maintaining great sound and good features

    Our rating
    Available from £379
  2. Arcam AVR750

    Arcam AVR750

    One of the few multichannel amplifiers we’ve heard that does a great job with both movies and music, particularly the surround variety

    Our rating
    Available from £3999
  3. Harman-Kardon AVR 370

    Harman-Kardon AVR 370

    This Harman Kardon amp is eager to please with its beefy sound, but rivals do it better

    Our rating
    Available from £799.99
  4. Yamaha RX-V375

    Yamaha RX-V375

    Best home cinema amplifier up to £350, Awards 2013. Energetic and punchy surround sound performance that will thrill and engage

    Our rating
    Available from £189.99
  5. Yamaha RX-A3030

    Yamaha RX-A3030

    Best home cinema amplifier £1500+, Awards 2013. If you want big and powerful dynamics, then this high-end AV receiver will fill up your home cinema

    Our rating
    Available from £1399
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  7. Yamaha RX-V675

    Yamaha RX-V675

    The dynamic, full-bodied sound needs a couple of tweaks to make the RX-V675 reach its potential – but it’s worth it

    Our rating
    Available from £289.9
  8. Yamaha RX-V373 A/V Receiver
    Available from £149.99
  9. Yamaha RX-V775 A/V Receiver
    Available from £349.99