1. LG BP350

    LG BP350

    The LG's nice to use and puts in a strong showing in the picture department, if only it sounded a bit better...

    Our rating
  2. LG BP730

    LG BP730

    Packed with features, but picture and sound quality just don’t hit the mark

    Our rating
  3. LG HR925M

    LG HR925M

    Packed with features such as twin Freeview HD tuners and 500GB hard drive

    Our rating
  4. LG BP420

    LG BP420

    Easy to use and enjoyable to watch, but sound could be better

    Our rating
  5. Dune HD Max

    Dune HD Max

    The Dune HD Max does plenty of things - but none of them terribly well

    Our rating
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  7. Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD

    Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD

    This universal player is a great upgrade option for those making the next step up from a budget model

    Our rating
  8. Dune BD Prime 3.0

    Dune BD Prime 3.0

    The Dune BD Prime 3.0 may look like a conventional Blu-ray player, but it's far more complex than that

    Our rating
  9. LG 3D Bluray Player

    LG 3D Bluray Player